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  1. I'm unsure how hard that'd be. Outlook stores its data in a single, large file up until Outlook 2007. Opening that file and deleting data would likely be somewhat problematic as many folks have password protected the PST files and such.
  2. I tend to agree with this but, at the same time, would prefer to not have clients to whom I recommend CCleaner confused. Why not have a time elapsed timer instead? That would allow users to see that the app isn't frozen while also not being bloated. I'm not a programmer but I know Memtest86's "wall time" will freeze up when it does and that app is quite small.
  3. Assuming you meant not too much more extra toolbars, I agree. Free utilities do have to be paid for in some manner or they soon become yet another "cool program we used to use until it got too far out of date".
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