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  1. Hi Babac, "?" in Propri?taire such as "propri?taire@disnat[1].txt" or "propri?taire@entre-aide[2].txt" Hi scapin, That's what I mean, and I do use a different non-unicode language there in my case. Most probably Babac is using French there too. Non deletion cookies problem didn't exist in version 2.01.507, so, I reverted back to it and I will continue to use that version untill the bug is eliminated, Thanks.
  2. Hi htome, This information may be helpful to you. Check that if it is anything to do with the unicode. It may be because of the non-unicode characters or non-English characters used in the user names in the cookies. My user name includes non-unicode characters and I have this in all three pcs . In Babac's case, user name also includes a non_English character I have used a different name than mine in one of the XP Pros and the cookies are deleted!!!!!!!!! If you have changed anything to do with this in CCleaner after 2.01.507, it may be the cause. The similar a
  3. Hi, I have been using every CCleaner since the beginning of the program and installed it to more than 50 PCs. It is the first program that I use when a slow PC comes to me for maintenance and I am absolutely satisfied with this program. Trust me gentlemen, whatever you have changed on the cookie deletion side of the program after 2.01.507, it does not delete any cookies at all in my XP pro SP2s and Vista Ultimate. BTW. Personally I use two XP Pro SP2s and a Vista Ultimate on three different notebooks. The two XP Pro SP2s are similarly configured with all recent updates..
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