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    just Got it

    so your saying is click analyse - when done (I checked windows - all boxs checked green (except advance), - in applications - everything was checked green, inissues - ran scan for issues - a ton of green checked boxe showed. Now if I go back to window and applications and click on "run cleaner" then go to issues and click on "fix selected issues" my computer will be ok... FYI - I also use "AD-Ware", "Microsoft antispyware", Spybot - Search and distroy" and "3S System Security Suite 1.04" - is CCleaner same as but better than 3S. I have know problems with any of these. You won't believe this but I been in the computer business before apple went public and the only small computer on the market was a "PET", no internet, modems were cranking along at 300 baud and only thing around were bullitin boards... regards --- Steve-oh
  2. Steve-OH

    just Got it

    just down loaded and ran cc - now what it came up with a ton of check marks if i fix all will my computer be wippppped clean - that I don't want Steve-oh
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