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  1. I'm certainly happy with it. I had to upgrade to the package with that speed because they don't cap you if you use too much. We were getting capped on a daily basis before that.
  2. Just thought I would share mine. I love my internet
  3. I've been using the mobile version of piriform forums, lunarsoft forums, facebook and any other site that opens up with the mobile version automatically on my phone for ages. My whole day is spent using my phone for browsing these days, it is only in the evening that I get on my computer.
  4. I don't actually watch motor sports but saw it on the news and was amazed. In case anyone else has trouble viewing videos on here, then here is a youtube link if that helps. http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=qwIihFxCRbQ
  5. I believe we have a few race fans on here so thought I would share this. How nobody was hurt is beyond me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qwIihFxCRbQ
  6. There is a way to permanently delete it and that is to go here: https://www.facebook.com/help/contact.php?show_form=delete_account Only people logged in to Facebook will be able to see that page, for others it looks like this:
  7. I had a feeling your reply would be something like that.
  8. Although I have seen this site before, I have never bookmarked it, this time I will, plus I can make better use of it in other ways too. Thanks hazelnut. Edit: I probably shouldn't question the decision of a mod (but then when does that normally stop me lol), but does this thread belong in the software section? I would of thought the lounge would of been more like it.
  9. I'm not sure if this would be possible with CCleaner or even regarded as something that CCleaner should do if it could, but I would love it if it was capable of cleaning the Firefox favicon cache. I hate it when a site updates its favicon, but the old one remains on the bookmark toolbar. I've had to install an add-on called SQLite Manager to achieve it, but doing so is a bit of a chore.
  10. I'm sure the fact that he got married would mean that everythings more than alright, he probably has more pressing things to deal with, like most newly weds do in the newly found first flushes of love, than to be helping people sort their computers out.
  11. I totally agree with what Dennis says. Having never used the Online Help link in the program itself, I thought I would have a look to see how obvious it was. Took a few seconds to find it all alone in that bottom left corner. I wouldn't have a clue where to start writing a program, but if I could I would make everything obvious so that people find it easy to use and would carry on using it in the future.
  12. Nice one, I'll let my son know about this.
  13. She did tell me that she only has insurance to pay someone else out in an accident (over here we call that third party only insurance), would she be likely to have a deductible with that type of insurance, or is it literally bare bones insurance.
  14. Oh it was definitely worth a mention, I did know all that already regarding how it is over here, although I have never had it done. I'm sure their would be similar procedures over there too.
  15. She lives in the suburbs of Chicago, so I think she has quite a bit of driving to get to most places. Will do, thanks. You won't believe how many times I changed the title to make it not look lie spam, but settled on my first idea in the end. A few more days and he will be back home with us, I feel sorry for the pair of them when they have to part.
  16. I'm in the UK, but my son is seeing a girl in Chicago, and I do literally mean seeing, it has progressed from talking on Skype to him actually going out there to see her. He told me on Skype today that she has a chipped windshield and that she never knew it could be repaired, he had tried googling places to get it done but came up with nothing, hence me asking on here. I'm keeping her informed of anything that I find out on here by Facebook, so do greatly appreciate all the info.
  17. There is a Safelite shop approx. 18.5 miles away from where the girl lives. So that ain't too bad.
  18. I have trouble watching movies because my mind wanders and I start day dreaming.
  19. So I assume there are local repair shops that can do it all over the states.
  20. Thank you David, it is good to have a link that I can pass on.
  21. Thank you, I assume the insurer would then suggest a company capable of doing it that would be local to the person who needs it done then.
  22. A quick question for the Americans on here. If we get a Cracked/chipped windshield (we call it windscreen over here), we can go and get it fixed or even call someone out to our home or workplace to fix it. Obviously getting it fixed could save us from having to fork out for a new windscreen. Does a similar service exist in the states? Ideally in Chicago.
  23. I'm afraid not, but I would love to be able to do it. I don't think my attention span would make me too ideal though.
  24. It always amazed me that someone could look through such vast amounts of information in the logs, it would drive me crazy that's for sure.
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