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  1. The newest versions (also when I upgrade) check automatically history of firefox and cookies. This is very, very stupide for users who doe not go to problematic sites. And it seems that the program install automatically Chrome ... it is not a good service fpr Google that you force users to use this stupid program. There are some users who does not like this kind of forcing.... please stop to hope that all useres are stupid. The next time when I see that ccleaner made again these problems, I change to an other program and I recommand also an other program to all of my clients. I want no
  2. The program displays on the screen (after the scanning) that the files was deleted ... but in this moment the files are only analyzed and ready to BE deleted.
  3. in the Windows folder are a lot of Directorys like $NtServicePackUninstall$ ... what is the reason that CCleaner does not include this in the not usefuul file search ? I have fund on some systems more then 800 MB of such files and some are tree years old ... and I see not any interest to store these files for more then 4 weeks.
  4. On the cleaner tab he state xxx bytes ont ?t? supprim?s (xx bytes was deleted"), this also in teh first step when the files was fund but not deleted in the first step this must be "xxx bytes ont ?t? trouv?s et peuvent ?tre supprim?s" (xx bytes fund and can be deleted)
  5. First screen (after analyse) xx mb ont ?t? supprim? is false (will say that x Mb was deleted and not will be deleted ...) correct: Il est possible de supprimer xxMb and only on the second screen (after deleting) : Xx Mb ont ?t? supprim?s (xx Mb was successful deleted ..)
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