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  1. Thank you And., understand that, but it still doesn't explain why Zone Alarm didn't pick up on the transfer of info from my comp to ccleaner. If I clear cookies, how does ccleaner know who I am and whether I have the latest update??? Perhaps a Zone alarm problem!!
  2. ccleaner . when updating, seems to bypass Zone Alarm and go straight to it's site. How is this possible. I've deleted cookies, but it still tells me the status of ccleaner on this computer. The name is not even in Zone Alarm Program Control List. Others like Lavasoft and spy bot etc , seek permission. Internet Explorer and microsoft are automatically set, but even they had to ask for permission in the first place. ???? Can anyone enlighten.
  3. Sorry if this has been asked a million times, but ran CCleaner for yonks on W98, now with xp, internet explorer wont let me download. Can you help. Already have Regcleaner which I got off a disc and now xp.anti-spy.Cheers TIA
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