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  1. Hi HarFang, I have always saved cookies by Options>Cookies>moving cookies to the right "Cookies to Keep". I use Internet Explorer as my default browser. Looking at my post, I forgot to mention that my advise was for the same. I'm glad you got it all sorted out. Jamin4u
  2. Hello, they may be flash cookies that are being deleted. Uncheck adobe flash player under Cleaner>Applications>Multimedia. I hope this helps. Jamin4u
  3. Jamin4u

    DOD Wipe

    Hello, under Cleaner>Advanced>check the box for "Custom Files and Folders". Just a word to the wise, be careful what you include! The Following is a link to the CCleaner Guide. http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/ Jamin4u
  4. Jamin4u


    System restore may fix the problem and save your settings.
  5. Hello, and welcome to the forum. I believe you are asking about Cleaner\Advanced\Custom Files and Folders. These are custom files to delete and folders to empty that are selected in Options\Include. This is an advanced option that can have very negative effects on a computer if important system files are selected. I advise that you ask for help when using any of the advanced options. Heres a link to CCleaner Beginner's Guide. http://www.internetrotsyourbrain.com/ccleanerbeginnersguide/ Reading the guide will help you understand the functions of CCleaner so your ques
  6. Hello, I recommended that Paul4398 read the guide to become familiarized with CCleaner. Reading the guide will help you understand the functions of CCleaner so your questions here are better answered. It has been so long since I've installed CCleaner that I have forgotten what the original default settings are. Everyones needs are different when it comes to cleaning up their computer and what settings are right for them. Jamin4u
  7. Hi davey, I guess you didn't read my post. Post #2 ck1754 found something interesting at the page he linked to that may be a solution to some when the .reg file opens in notepad. Jamin4u
  8. Hello and welcome to the forum, I am using Vista and have never updated CCleaner the way you have described. I download the installation file and install over the old version. Heres the link I use, just pick the build you want. I personally use the slim build with no toolbar. http://www.CCleaner.com/download/builds I have heard of people that had two versions of CCleaner on one PC and they were using an old shortcut. Just a thought! Good Luck, Jamin4u
  9. I would think if you double click a .reg file it would open the registry editor and not notepad. If you had a .reg file association problem, you should see a window like "windows can't open this file it needs to know what program created it". When you hover your mouse over the file does it show file type registration entries? If not try renaming the file like yourname.reg and see if you can right click for merge, or double click and open the registry editor. Jamin4u
  10. Welcome to the forum, Heres a link to CCleaner Beginner's Guide. http://www.internetrotsyourbrain.com/ccleanerbeginnersguide/ Please read and get back with us for your questions. Jamin4u
  11. I believe double clicking and selecting merge are the same thing. They will both open windows registry editor only if it is a .reg file. The renaming problem was fixed versions ago. I started a topic which was reported by a Moderator to the team. ck1754 what version of CCleaner are you using and how old is the file? Jamin4u
  12. Welcome to the forum, CCleaner doesn't clean free space, nor does it keep free space clean. However, CCleaner will give you free space and allow windows to run faster by removing unused files and fixing issues in the registry.
  13. Welcome to the forum, It is possible that the backup was not saved as a .reg file. Try renaming the file and add .reg at the end. Then right click on the file and see if the merge option is there. If not you may have a file association problem. We will need more info like what operating system you are using. Good Luck, Jamin4u Heres a link to CCleaner Beginner's Guide. http://www.internetrotsyourbrain.com/ccleanerbeginnersguide/
  14. CCleaner uses windows registry editor to remove and add items to the registry. When prompted to backup I select yes. Save as window opens I select save. (cc20080712_1424) is time and date. You may change file name, but leave file type as .reg file. A new window opens I select Fix all selected issues. Are you sure? I select OK. Close Rescan and fix all issues until no more issues. Keep in mind if you don't change the name that the time must change, or you will be asked if you want to replace the file with the same time stamp. If you want to restore an item locate the .reg file whe
  15. I agree that we should backup important files and the registry on a regular basis. Basic computer skills are also a must when cleaning the registry. I have been using CCleaner since 2005 on four computers. I have always fixed every issue that CCleaner finds and keep the backup in a separate folder. I have never had to merge a .reg file back into the registry. CCleaner does it's job in a way that has little risk of problems. The backup created by CCleaner is a .reg that can be opened in notepad to view. .REG files (also known as Registration entries) are text-based human-readable f
  16. Hi, I have recommended Revo Uninstaller which is Freeware. It worked great for the person in the same boat you are. This program was recommended by a trusted member on another forum. He uses it in advanced mode, which runs the built-in uninstaller and also cleans up files and the registry (most thorough). Just find the icon then click uninstall then chose the level of cleanup. There are four options when you uninstall. 1) Runs the built-in uninstaller 2) Safe 3) Moderate 4) Advanced . Always backup and set a restore point. Good Luck, Jamin4u http://www.revouninstaller.com/ W
  17. I can confirm that Hotfix Uninstallers in Vista Home Premium shows zero to clean. It appears that programs and updates are now separated in Vista compared to XP. Is a path change needed for this option to work in Vista?
  18. I'm glad to see Revo worked for you. CCleaner's uninstall tool is for convenience only, and not for uninstall problems. It runs the uninstaller from the program you are uninstalling. I recommend that you keep CCleaner and use it in your maintenance routine. Read the users guide: http://www.internetrotsyourbrain.com/ccleanerbeginnersguide/
  19. I use CCleaner so much I wouldn't need it to be automated. Once I shutdown my PC and walked away, only to return 8 hours later to see that a process hung. Since that happened, I like to stay present until shutdown is complete.
  20. I couldn't agree more about new users not fully understanding the effects. I thought there might be a reason for not including the warnings. Would someone suggest that MrG adds a warning to all options in the Cleaner Tab/Windows/Advanced?
  21. Can anyone tell me why there isn't a warning when selecting Hotfix Uninstallers? Cleaner Tab/Windows/Advanced/Hotfix Uninstallers. CCleaner v2.05.555 Vista Home Premium Edit by Jamin4u
  22. Hello, and welcome to the forum. If you downloaded the portable version .zip of CCleaner, you won't find an uninstaller. I can't imagine a computer without CCleaner. CCleaner Rocks!!!
  23. I personally wouldn't attempt a manual removal because of the large amount of data and files. I would have to use a program that could do the job for me. Yes, do as Andavari says use CCleaner to clean your registry after removal. There is no substitute for CCleaner's Registry cleaner. It doesn't go deep and is very safe to use. CCleaner Rocks!!!
  24. Hi, you might want to look at Revo Uninstaller. I heard about it on a forum from a trusted member. I have never used it, but I see great reviews on the web. I remember him saying to use it in advanced mode. You should read the help file before using. Always back up your registry. I use Erunt for backing up my registry. It has saved me more than once. Also set a restore point in Windows. Good Luck!!! http://www.revouninstaller.com/ http://www.larshederer.homepage.t-online.de/erunt/index.htm
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