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  1. Hello Mark, and welcome to the forum. Do you have Custom Files and Folders checked? Cleaner > Windows > Advanced > Custom Files and Folders. Heres a link to CCleaners Guide. Look under Options > Exclude.
  2. Hello honeythief, 1) Try what hazelnut suggested. 2) YoKenny is very familiar with Windows ME. 3) Note all of your settings, then uncheck all but one and scan the system. If your problem disappears, then add one more of your settings and scan again. By the process of elimination you will find the problem. 4) Uninstall CCleaner, download and Reinstall from here. I use the slim version (No Toolbar).
  3. The CCleaner Guide is pinned at the top of the discussion board. It sounds like you're doing all the right things. I would like to recommend one other program to help protect Internet Explorer. This program Doesn't run as a process, just update and enable all protection once a week. SpywareBlaster Click on Download Latest Version
  4. I don't recommend using the advanced section unless you have a specific need. I have one custom folder that I empty now and then. None of the cashe cleaning items should be changing the order of your favorites. I did some forum searches and see that this can happen, but I don't think its CCleaners fault. To state the obvious, I would leave Window Size/Location Cache unchecked. Have you thought of updating to IE7?
  5. Hello Nightowl, and welcome to the forum. What do you mean by changed? CCleaner doesn't Clean IE favorites. Did you include any custom files or folders? Heres a link to CCleaners guide.
  6. Hello styx21, and welcome to the forum. I'm not familiar with RDP, but heres my two cents. If I'm understanding you correctly, all of the ip addresses that you typed into your address bar are gone and the drop down box is empty. You should uncheck Recently Typed URLs. Cleaner > Windows > Internet Explorer > Recently Typed URLs. Heres a link to CCleaners guide. Let us know if this helps, or if you need any more help.
  7. Jamin4u

    CCleaner >_<

    Locate the backup (.reg) and open it with notepad, be careful not to alter the file. Save a copy as a text file, then upload it here so we can see what was fixed.
  8. Goldhills is seeking help in the Photobucket forum. There is additional information, along with a comprehensive troubleshooting checklist. Follow this link.
  9. Hello honeythief, and welcome to the forum. Try unchecking Flash Player and run the Cleaner. Cleaner > Applications > Multimedia > Adobe Flash Player. If the Cleaner runs normally, you could reinstall Adobe Flash Player. Download and run the uninstaller from here. Install Adobe Flash Player from here. Uncheck optional toolbar if you don't want it. Heres a link to the CCleaner guide. Let us know if this helps, or if you need any more help. Good Luck!
  10. Thanks for the great suggestions!
  11. Good point YoKenny! He said they looked at gotomypc.com but they want 20.00 per month per computer. I'm just trying to help them find a trusted free alternative.
  12. My friend is looking for a program so he can access his work computer from home. Any suggestions? Thanks!
  13. What does ftw stand for? 1) For The Win! 2) Furious Truckstop Waitresses! 3) Free The Wookies! I could use a little help here!
  14. You should have been able to uncheck during install just like CCleaners Yahoo Toolbar. 2. It detected several false positives such as SDFIX.exe that I had downloaded myself and a Microsoft Windows SP3 fix. Comodos Antivirus is still in Beta. I didn't scan during install. Its a manual scan from the Gui. I don't recommend using it. There's a learning curve and some tricks for setting it up. I set the Defense + Security level to Clean PC Mode For about one week, so I could run all of my programs to let Comodo learn them. You will acquire pending files during this time, I just purged them. After running all programs, move the setting to Safe Mode. No pending files in this mode. I set programs that I trust to trusted applications to cut down on pop-ups. I set update programs to Installer/Updater to allow elevated privilege. During regular definition updates there is no need to switch to installation mode. But when you lets say install a new version of CCleaner over and existing version you will need to switch to installation mode. I eradicated it from my system. I almost did the same. This program is for people who want total control over what each program can do on their system. For both the Firewall and HIPS it uses about 10 megs of ram on my XP and Vista systems.
  15. Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware is free without the protection module. If you want the protection module (real time monitoring), you pay a one time fee to activate it.
  16. Yes, I recommend SUPERAntiSpyware free version and also Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware. You can find it here.
  17. Thats right, I like to see what its cleaning. How many megs, what files, and so on. I may be one of the few that keeps CCleaner open in the tray. I guess its a matter of personal preference. On my Vista system it cuts down on UAC. Thanks for the good idea.
  18. Look into the light. It's kind of mesmerizing.
  19. I had no idea that Adobe had such problems uninstalling. After reading hazelnuts post I did a search on error message 1714 Adobe. I was surprised of how many results there were. I'm going to switch to Foxit Reader, thats if I can get Adobe uninstalled.
  20. Hi bdt, and welcome to the forum. Email address should be removed. CCleaner is Freeware, if you paid for it please contact a Moderator by private message. I download CCleaner from here. CCleaners Uninstall tool loads fast and runs the uninstaller that comes with the program. If Adobes uninstaller is broken, you can try the Freeware Revo Uninstaller here. Please read CCleaners guide here. Let us know if you need more help.
  21. Don't byte my head off if this has been suggested before. The first thing I do when I start or restart my computer, is to open CCleaner and minimize it to the system tray. I use it so often, it's as important to me as my Firewall and Anti-Virus running. Therefore, I would like to see this as an option.
  22. I ran Windows Disk Cleanup on two XP Systems and one Vista, with 0 KB Temporary Files found. Did you find out why this happened on your systems?
  23. Avast was my AV choice for years, until I changed to Antivir about a year ago.
  24. Hardware firewall is my main defense with Comodo mostly to control outbound. Comodo has Defense Plus Host Intrusion Prevention System.
  25. Thanks Andavari, I appreciate your help and talent.
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