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  1. Hello Mildpigeon, and welcome to the forum. Click on "yes" to save a backup of the changes to the registry. (Recommended) The default location the .reg file (backup) will be saved is my documents. Read the CCleaner guide to familiarize yourself with the program. See the link below. Let us know if you have any more questions.
  2. That would be great if you gave me the link AJ. I was just filling the side bar with gadgets from MS. I'm up for suggestions on side bar gadgets. Thanks
  3. Here you are hazelnut. Burning Cat: http://img2.socwall.com/Abstract/General/2...063915-8589.jpg This is a great site: http://www.socwall.com/ Last month fireryone posted the link.
  4. Whats up with me and cats this month? I guess I miss my little buddy Smokey. Revised: Thanks AJ
  5. Jamin4u

    Donation Problem

    If thats a valid email address you may want to remove it to avoid spam.
  6. Thanks to you as well Disk4mat for your input. I will be able to put the new edit function to use. Will both suggestions only work for file and folder names, or will it work for dates as well? Lets say you want to keep logs for a program for xx days.
  7. Thanks Whiteshark for that explanation of how the new edit function can be used. I agree with Disk4mat regarding adding the the ability to selectively enable/disable items. I hope it can be added in a future version of CCleaner.
  8. I noticed the right click menu last night but I really don't know what to use any of it for. 1) What are the asterisks for? 2) Could anyone give me some examples of how and why you will use the new edit function?
  9. I remember turning off error reporting on my XP PC. Maybe thats why its not there. I'm going to check it out tomorrow. edit: I turned it back on and its still not there.
  10. Windows Error Reporting shows up on my Vista PC, and not on my XP.
  11. Nice pick up on the word highlighted Nergal. If thats the case, its another example of the need to read the CCleaner guide before running the program.
  12. Did you download the executable Flash Player installer? http://filehippo.com/download_flashplayer_ie/
  13. Hello midiplay, and welcome to the forum. It may only appear that CCleaner fixed all the issues. Did you "Scan for Issues" again, after "Fix all selected issues"?
  14. Jamin4u

    A Sad Day...

    The pain you feel is a testament of your love for your grandmother. That pain will turn into fond memories of her. My thoughts and prayers are with you.
  15. Thanks for considering our collective effort MrG! Jamin4u
  16. Excellent job Whiteshark! We're kickin it into high gear with our creative talents. Adding the ability of editing to this evolving suggestion would be first-class.
  17. Good Idea! We wouldn't want to only include Include and exclude Exclude.
  18. This forum is the best place to hang out on the Internet. Thank you!
  19. Thats exactly what I imagined it to look like! I like your idea of modeling it after the startup tool. I hope that others like the idea, and its integrated into CCleaner. Thanks for your help Disk4mat. Jamin4u CCleaner Rocks!!!
  20. This suggestion allows for more customization and control over include! It doesn't force you to do anything, or take control of your PC!
  21. I asked if you had it checked because the guide states that it needs to be checked to exclude. I don't exclude so I can't confirm this. Last night another member said that it doesn't need to be checked for exclude, only for include. Its up to you if you want to give it a try. Good Luck!
  22. I like the concept image you did Disk4mat. Could you do another image adding a checkbox for each included item. With the Enable box and individual box for each entry, we would have the ability to enable/disable the section and have on/off settings for each entry. What more could anyone ask for!
  23. I've never Excluded items so I'll take your word for it, in the CCleaners Guide it says the box should be checked. You are correct that its implied. So why is the Custom Files and Folders option there in the advanced section? My thoughts are that its a "do you really want to do this box". So why not do this: Move the box inside the Include Section, or let us custom select with an individual box for each entry. (If Possible)
  24. Add a notice in options Include and Exclude. "Enable Custom Files and Folders in Cleaner Advanced Section". Cleaner > Windows > Advanced > Custom Files and Folders. This would save some posts, and frustration on new users.
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