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  1. I created a folder that lives next to CCleaner in program files. I call it CCleaner backups. Even though I have never had to restore, I always backup. This folder has never grown to a single MB in size. So I really don't empty it to often.
  2. Hi davey, thank you for clarifying your opinion on this topic. I have used CCleaner since the beginning. CCleaner is one of a handful of tools that have kept my computers running like new. Jamin4u
  3. Perhaps you should try the process of elimination. Clear all settings in the cleaner tab, windows and applications. Then restore your settings one at a time. Run the cleaner and test the snipping tool each time you restore an item. When the tool no longer runs, you will have narrowed it down. The Snipping tool does use the clipboard. I am running Window Vista Home Premium with no problems. CCleaner v2.05.555
  4. Hi davey, I didn't misunderstand you, nor was I offended. I realize that clicking like that can get you into trouble. That is how I stumbled onto this, by not being prompted to backup registry issues. If you are saying that this is a feature of CCleaner, then my reply would be that it is unnecessary and possibly risky for a dozen or so selections. I apologize for not being clear enough about it highlighting the box only, and not the whole line. Thank you, Jamin4u
  5. If you can identify the files or folders, you can exclude them from the cleaner in the options Tab.
  6. Jamin4u


    Welcome to the forum. Yes, I am using v2.05.555. http://www.ccleanerbeginnersguide.com/
  7. Hi davey, yes I have the habit of clicking my mouse when I shouldn't. But I would be willing to bet, that I'm not the only one. I accidentally unchecked: show prompt to backup registry issues.
  8. Hi hazelnut, I have seen this on four systems, XP and Vista. Try This: In the settings tab- line your cursor up to the right of the word starts in the first option, and you should see that it is highlighted and you can left click to select it.
  9. When your cursor is to the right of the text in Settings and Advanced Tabs, you can move your cursor down highlighting and checking boxes. This can result in changing options accidentally for those of us who like to click their mouse. It is as it should be in the Cleaner Tab. Your cursor must be on the check box to select it. Is this something that Mr G may want to look into for safety reasons? CCleaner v2.05.555 - XP SP2 and Vista CCleaner Rocks!!! Jamin4u
  10. Hello hazelnut, thank you for your kind words. I joined this forum to find a solution for this issue. My original post was on 11/26/07 stating that my backup was saved as type: file. It has been said that the backup not showing as a .reg file can be a file association problem. This is not true in my case. But can it be possible that we are both correct on a case to case basis? A fix for this could save some future posts. Not a big deal for me. CCleaner Rocks!!! Jamin4u
  11. This is an issue that was introduced in 2. version of CCleaner. If you rename before fixing the issues, the backup is saved as Type: File. If you don't rename before fixing the issues, the backup is saved as Type: Registration Entries. Just add the .reg extension if you rename before saving. If your backup is saved as Type: file, simply rename and add the .reg extension. I hope this helps! Jamin4u Vista and XP
  12. ERUNT works just fine for me. I think the daily AutoBackup on startup default is 30 days. I changed mine to 7 days which is fine for me. I can say that the restore works great. Saved my PC more than once. If you want to change the default days, the info is in the FAQ. Question: I want to change the number of days from which ERUNT AutoBackup keeps restore folders. Answer: Click "Start" ? "Programs" ? "Startup", right-click "ERUNT AutoBackup", choose "Properties", then at the end of the command line add a space and the /days:n switch where n is the new number of days. Very customizable for those who know command line and scheduling tasks.
  13. Hello, I found the problem that was introduced in version 2. of CCleaner. If I change the backup file name before fixing the issues. The file is saved as Type: File If I don't change the backup file name before fixing the issues. The file is saved as Type: Registration Entries Could you run your own tests and let me know what you think? Thank You! Jamin4u
  14. I don't think its my computers based on the following tests and results. 1) Uninstalled CCleaner 2.03.532 on my XP Home sp2 PC. 2) Installed CCleaner 1.41.544 scanned for and fixed all issues. The Backup was created as Type: Registration Entries 3) Uninstalled CCleaner 1.41.544. 4) Reinstalled CCleaner 2.03.532 scanned for and fixed all issues. The Backup was created as Type: File I also tested my sisters computer today, XP Home sp2, CCleaner 2.03.532. The Backup was created as Type: File Yes, I did run the (REG File Association Fix) as a last test with no help. I welcome all comments and or suggestions. Thank you, Jamin4u
  15. Hello, I'm just wondering if this is on the list of bug fixes. CCleaner works so well for me that I've never had to use the merge option to restore the registry. It may be confusing for some users that are not aware of the work around. Thank you, Jamin4u
  16. When using the "Registry Integrity" cleaner, my back up file is not saved as a .reg file. I must enter the .reg extension after my chosen file name, or rename the file after it is created with the .reg extension. Doing this enables the right click merge option. This has automatically been done in 1. versions. I am using 2.03.532 Windows XP Home and Vista. Thank you for all your hard work and excellent software. Jamin4u
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