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  1. Forcing an ugly Windows 8 style titlebar on the majority of currently installed Windows systems (that is Windows 7 with Aero)) is definitely NOT the right move. Making text harder to read by using grey is NOT the right move. Having a big white area where a dialog box is no longer visible as such (due to its missing border frame) is NOT the right move. All this just plain stupid. I for one went back to version 4 and will stay there as long as possible. And it is not that the small improvements in 5 and upcoming versions really make a difference anymore - CC is effective enough in 4.19 for the next years. > CCleaner 5.0 will make a fine addition to the PowerPoint slides of experts who illustrate to programmers what sort of UX/UI disasters to avoid. > Perhaps the CCleaner developer(s) responsible for this train wreck would like to attend such lessons. That really made my day. Thanks Aelius!
  2. CC seems not to do the same thing. Please try it. As I tried to explain (I'm no programmer) the idea is to NOT write data. CC does write data, which takes a long time (more than 5 minutes on my SSD for the free space) where ForceTrim needs less than a second (the allocated free space was 38 GB)! And Alan_B: why not keep your 'impressions' to yourself unless you have facts to deliver?
  3. The Trim will most probably happen when you use the 'Optimize' option - which does nothing with my Crucial drive, as expected. That said I would like to see DF add the same feature as a competitor, to trim any drive on the press of a button. That is really simple and easy to implement. Check out the free tool ForceTrim.exe which does exactly that. It occupies all free areas of the drive without actually writing data, then deletes everything. The whole process takes less than 3 seconds, and the Trim command is forced this way. That's exactly what the competitor does, IMHO, nicely visually presented by all the empty blocks getting filled and cleaned again. It would be really nice to have this feature directly within DF.
  4. Version 1.00.089 Beta lists my Samsung SSD as ATA drive in IDE mode. But it is a S-ATA drive and runs in AHCI mode. It would also be nice to have the partition offset be displayed in Speccy, as this is a very important value when using SSDs. The firmware revision of my optical drive (PLDS DVD+-RW DL-8ATS) is not displayed. Under Operating System (here Win 7 Home Premium) the serial number etc should be listed (looks quite empty now). Thanks for this tool, gives a nice overview.
  5. Hello, I downloaded Recuva, tried it, rated it unusable. Then downloaded several other tools and had to find out that Recuva was the only one on my system that accurately rated the recoverability of deleted files, and also was the only one to give detailed desricptions why a file is not recoverable. So here I am again trying to make this program 'usable' and wonder what I have missed. - Performing a scan on my USB drive gives a list about 95,000 files. Most of these are not recoverable. So the list is hard to scroll and search, because overloaded with useless information. Where is the option to exclude these files from the list window? - Where is the search function to look for a specific file? - The exlude filter works terrible. Not only that there is no cursor in the box so typing/editing something becomes cumbersome. There is also no direct filter for the most often used files (audio, photos, documents...) to change the list content with a simple mouse click. - Hiding the change between list and tree view in the settings dialog is..well, comment deleted. - The tree view is very nice to use when one knows where and what had been deleted. But when checking a file in tree view then changing to list view the file is gone again between 95,000 other files. The checkmark seems gone. What a %#+~?! Please someone enlighten me what I missed!
  6. It can't be much worse! I was just trying to find out what CCleaner does with all the applications listed under the 'Applications' tab. Zero information available. I better uncheck them all...
  7. Thanks for the info. What really bothers me about this is that the help (help?) of CCleaner does not explain these options at all, so you have to get the information what checking index.dat means somewhere else.
  8. Sorry for the confusion. I unchecked the options in CCleaner because I wanted to keep the log-in information. That's why I don't understand that the Autologin feature on websites/forums now no longer works until I have selected the correct user name/password once again. That is time consuming and annoying, and keeps me from using CCleaner a second time.
  9. Hi, I just downloaded and tried CCleaner. I definitely removed the checkbox Autocomplete Form History (in fact I removed all Internet Explorer checkboxes except Temporary files and index.dat files). Now the 'Automatic log in' feature is disabled. IE7 still knows my user names and uses the right passwords if I select a valid user name from the list. How can I avoid this behaviour? I will not use this program again until this is fixed.
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