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  1. CC seems not to do the same thing. Please try it. As I tried to explain (I'm no programmer) the idea is to NOT write data. CC does write data, which takes a long time (more than 5 minutes on my SSD for the free space) where ForceTrim needs less than a second (the allocated free space was 38 GB)! And Alan_B: why not keep your 'impressions' to yourself unless you have facts to deliver?
  2. The Trim will most probably happen when you use the 'Optimize' option - which does nothing with my Crucial drive, as expected. That said I would like to see DF add the same feature as a competitor, to trim any drive on the press of a button. That is really simple and easy to implement. Check out the free tool ForceTrim.exe which does exactly that. It occupies all free areas of the drive without actually writing data, then deletes everything. The whole process takes less than 3 seconds, and the Trim command is forced this way. That's exactly what the competitor does, IMHO, nicely visually p
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