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  1. Bringing a slightly moodier desktop to the mix:
  2. Yeesh. People are still running that thing?
  3. Wowzers, nice background Hazel. Happen to have a link to just the image? Here be mine. It's admittedly a little heavy on the eyes at first, but oh man what a gorgeous photo.
  4. Nothing like a little Bliss for my Windows 7 desktop. EDIT: Bah, sorry for the massive thumbnail.
  5. Simpler is better, so in all respects I should be a mac user. Oh well. http://i.imgur.com/ut7V2.png
  6. Ah, now that brings back memories. I actually started getting back into Glest a couple of weeks ago, highly recommended when you need to kill time.
  7. Happy March: http://i44.tinypic.com/2u9hdo1.png
  8. I was browsing through CNET the other day when I found this interesting article about Windows Mojave, a project by Microsoft designed to shoo away all the bad misconceptions of Windows Vista. Mojave Article It's an interesting read all around, no matter what your take on Vista is.
  9. Well you might want to try out Windows Live SkyDrive which offers 5 gigs of free storage, and an easy drag and drop option. If that doesn't float your boat there's always XDrive, an AOL service that's been around for a while and also offers 5 gigs of free storage. XDrive also has the option to upgrade your account storage to a whopping 50 gigs (but I'm pretty sure your music collection isn't that big). Hope one of these services helps.
  10. Exactly. Vista sold around 100 million copies in 2007. 200,000 is about...(pulls up sidebar calculator) less than one percent of that o.0. That may have been true two years ago...but in this day and age, RAM is pretty much dirt cheap...such as here, or here, or here. I'm sorry, but this situation simply feels so much like the one 7 years ago..."Stay with Windows 98!! XP is super slow and vernerable! 256mb of RAM, that's far to much!"
  11. lol...no offense to everyone but is this petition actually for real??
  12. Hey guys, just would like to say thanks for all the hard work you're doing with Defraggler and all of your other products. To the point. I've been using Defraggler since its first public beta, and there's been one thing that's really irking me. The program is successful at defragging nearly any file I've thrown at it...except for the system volume information files that keep coming up. Normally this sort of thing wouldn't be a big deal for me...except for these four files take up 6.4 gigs of hard drive space alone. Any ideas of how to free this up? Here's the crash log if it helps. ---------> defraggler.exe._1_1_64__2008_03_20_16_14_.txt defraggler.exe._1_1_64__2008_03_20_16_14_.txt
  13. Lolz, this article made me laugh at least But a whole lot of it isn't exactly the most truthful. Yes, Vista's memory requirements are higher, and at the current time it will be running slightly slower than XP. But I seem to remember that back when XP came out, everyone was sticking with Windows 98 because it ran faster...
  14. Awsome job guys! The new Defraggler helped me clear out a whopping 20 gigs of fragmented files that the Vista defragmenter missed. Looking forward to when the final version comes out.
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