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  1. I use CCleaner like any other average user, I "run cleaner" in all three tabs and backup the issue deletes. Perhaps that is the problem, since this newer version does more than my year old version used to do.. Obviously something important to Net2phone is being deleted that the old version did not remove, in time I will figure it out. Running my new copy of CCleaner in the analyze mode, the only references I see in the logs to Net2phone are some stored cookies. The removal of which you wouldn't think would prevent a program from opening. I also notice this newer version has a check offs for "old prefetch data' and "reg edit", which my old version did not have and maybe a clue... who knows, I just keep reinstalling Net2phone after CCleaner disables it.... Thanks for your consideration!
  2. I've noticed after running the latest version of CCleaner (set in the default mode), my net2phone program fails to open with an error message about some "installation problem". In order to get my net2phone program up and running again, I must uninstall and reinstall it and all is well again. I never had this problem with an earlier version of CCleaner(year old) and wondering what this new version is doing to net2phone to make the exe file malfunction. Any ideas....... thanks
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