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  1. I had nothing at all against Norton, in fact quite the opposite, but all that changed when I had virus problems 3days ago that caused me to reformat in the end. I replaced my very expensive Norman (Norwegian) firewall/virus with a Norton on a 15 day trial period. It didnt detect win32IRCbot (circa:2002) until the third scan and totally missed 2 trojans when even microsofts beta had identified one trojan as a problem. I installed Kasperski today and all I can say is that Im glad this happened while I had the 'Symantec internet suite' on trial and I never shelled out any money for it. ...'Pants
  2. absolute krap! jack of all trades and master of none.. looks great but waste of disc space. ive heard bad things about this from quite a few people. read the reviews at download.com here i had to reinstall outlook after using it and perfectdisc found 15percent of my disc was still fragmented after using the de-frag on systweak about eight times over 3weeks. my computer is only 3months old so I cant see as how systweak could have accomplished much in its defragging. Im relatively new to computers and was running CCleaner at the same time- CCleaner found alot more on my sytem that systweak mi
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