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  1. Things to add that are missing. a). The capability to view firewall exceptions for cleanup in a layout similar to add/remove progs. Mark all firewall exceptions that are enabled/disabled with an indicator telling me that the application associated with an exception can't be found. Reason: I removed Nero 7 Sipps using Nero clean. It left the firewall exception called "phone" enabled in the firewall although the Nero Sipps software had been removed. Thus, the security audit event logs for the OS software keeps recording the firewall exception in the logs althouh the
  2. I downloaded and ran the latest CCleaner on Windows 2K. It does show the hidden entries in the startup and add/remove programs so that the user can delete them. An example is "neroxml" which is hidden in the add/remove list normally. Add highlighting to denote those entries in the startup and add/remove programs area that are hidden so that they are more easily found vs. those that aren't hidden. Problem: Of all the functionality that CCleaner has, it has no feature to remove leftover services that are left behind when one uninstalls an application. There are some applicati
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