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  1. Hello Grass-snake,

    Welcome to the forums !!!

    You must select the drive and then click on Analyze.

    Once it finishes, it will be in color and you may point and click as you like.

    Just point to any block on the Drive Map. Surprise information!!! then click on it for more surprises.

    Wow, what a great new feature !!! I really enjoy it.

    Best wishes, :) davey Another member and user like you.

    NEW DOCUMENTATION SOURCE as of January 07,2009

    Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites


  2. Hi all


    I tried searching the forum for x64 but the search engine doesn't work with words smaller then 3 characters (which renders useless any search by XP Pro x64...)


    Is there a native 64bit build of Defraggler? Is it planned?



    Hello plino,

    Welcome to the forums !!!

    This link will answer your question. http://docs.piriform.com/defraggler/introd...em-requirements

    This following link will assist with any Piriform products.

    Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites


    Best wishes, :) davey

  3. 1%20(172).gif



    1%20(46).gif All celebrating their 39th Birthday again in January except CeeCee 31st Birthday. :lol:

    Please correct the spelling of Birthdays in the Topic title.

    Any other January Birthday babies are welcome to sign-in , please !!!

  4. Hello The Don,

    I will concur with the result that I experienced in the prior version.

    It however was what I wanted and expected it to do. I just wanted these types of large files put at the end of the disk without having to do a "whole disk" defrag. I wanted the prior space made available for additional files. I was not concerned with creating a few defragmented files in the process or moving all the rest of the files toward the outside of the disk at that time.

    I do mainly "file list" defragmenting. To do what I did, if I recall properly, I set the Move large options on the Defrag tab and then selected Action > Advanced > Defrag Freespace (allow fragmentation). The files were moved all the way to the inside end of the disk. However, the next time I tested a "whole disk" defragmentation the large files were moved directly behind the end of the other files. Too bad that the large files were not kept at the inside end of the disk until I turn off the Move large files option.

    I have not had a chance to do any such testing with the current version of Defraggler v1.06 .

    Best wishes, :) davey

  5. Hello Fat Wombat,

    Welcome to the forums !!! :P

    As of Jan 13,2009 the Piriform Docs does not show any support for Windows 7.

    See the new Documentation and check it for updates.

    NEW DOCUMENTATION SOURCE as of January 07,2009

    Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites


    I would also check every now and then in the Announcements forum.


    Like you say and if it was me I would only use them on prior Windows versions as listed.

    Good luck, :) davey

    P.S. Thank you for bringing it to the other members attention.

  6. Hello StudioGal,

    Welcome to the forums !!! :)

    You are correct and a wise PC user. Never Delete or Uninstall anything that you do not understand.

    It is easier to ask than try to recover something. :P

    CCleaner - Advice for New Members

    NEW DOCUMENTATION SOURCE as of January 07,2009

    Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites



    Start here with this link and follow its advice.


    Also see this link about the Registry and Registry Backups.


    Good luck, :) davey

  7. My wife's Vista laptop has one user, which is also the machine administrator. Every time I click on "Run CCleaner" from the Recycle bin, I get the dreaded Vista UAC (User Annoyance Control) which takes 10 seconds to load, and 10 seconds to do anything else after clicking "yes".


    Needless to say, running CCleaner automatically on startup does the same. What settings cause this to happen? I can't see anything in the beginner's guide (yes, I did RTFM) and there are no icons next to any of the delete options (unless I'm blind) so what's going on here?


    I have disabled UAC for now. Maybe I should just leave it off <_<

    Hello Donn Edwards ,

    Well, it has been awhile and maybe you have already come up with a solution as regards this thread.

    I figured I would let you know what the forum Members have developed. Some insight was also provided from Ramesh Srinivasan's blog.

    See this thread. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=19731


    Your site has always been a good source of Defragmentation information for me.


    The Great Defrag Shootout + Blogger Court Case


    I see that I will be doing some more reading to keep up with your legal battle and I do hope that you beat those guys in the long run. ( I didn't realize that "Jaws" sharks could jump that high. I will add that picture to my collection. That B.S. meter is interesting also. :lol: )

    Best wishes, :) davey

    P.S. Check out the latest Defraggler when you can.

    NEW DOCUMENTATION SOURCE as of January 07,2009

    Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites


  8. Thanks, Davey, for letting me off the hook. :P Be comforted, I have Piri on speed dial. The eDintori foray was an experiment to see how different search engines find the same entry.


    edit: The malicious site is still there. Going to go there 3 times: once w/ PS running, once with Returnil running, and once with Sandboxie running, see what happens. :o Back soon, I hope. Don't try this at home.

    Glad to have you checking for those "bad guys" and their "bag of tricks". Really bugs me to think they are trying to trap people looking for Piriform forums.

    I give all my friends exact links. I never want them just "browsing" for "Cleaners" and "Spystuff" etc.

    Of course, you already know that there are too many imitation sites on the Internet using all these keywords to lure the "un-informed". I want all those persons that I know to go directly to safe sites.

    Thanks for your efforts to find these "evil kinds" of sites.

    Do not worry, "I won't be trying this at home". :lol: davey

  9. Thank You.

    Hello phone74663,

    Welcome to the forums !!! Thanks for providing the info needed to help you.

    Safari cleaning is being looked into by the development team.

    Safari is being detected by the presence of the Safari program being located here.

    C:\Program Files\Safari\Safari.exe .

    It will show on the Applications tab if there. Did you install it in another location ?

    Anyhow, it is being worked on but you can review this thread.


    It may help or you will have to manually clean until the "fix" or update is announced.

    Good luck, :) davey

    NEW DOCUMENTATION SOURCE as of January 07,2009

    Piriform Documentation - Bookmark and save to Favorites


  10. i did run it on debug so if you tell me how i should get it to you it might help.

    Hello HelloBuddys,

    You can attach it to your post or PM MrRon and he will tell where to E-mail it if it is very big.

    Good luck, :) davey

  11. My only question though is if I defrag all files why would I need to defrag only folders? Isn't files from folders too?

    Not on this PC, but on others I have found "large" defragmented directories.

    Like the users with 10s or 100s of thousands of files in one folder. :o:lol:


    I agree with you also as to when to defragment. I am glad that you brought out this fact.

    Prior to large installations, it is beneficial to do both "cleaning" and "defragmenting" and possibly some "optimization" to get large infrequently used files out of the way and larger free spaces.


    Personally, I have learned to wait awhile after any installations to do any "cleaning" or "defragmenting". I will do it a little later when I am satisfied that everything is settled down. By then WinXP is already doing some "optimization" for me by moving frequently used programs and files closer to the front of the disk.


    Of course, there are many users that get along with little or no "defragmenting" at all. Most Vista users don't even have to think about it, since it is automatically done for them once a week(Wednesday 1:00 A.M.).

    Best wishes, :) davey

  12. Now lookit, guys, I don't hang around (no pun intended) morbid sites. It was anomalous, I'm tellin ya... :unsure:

    OK !!! We will grant you the anomaly. :unsure:

    We can overlook the short-term memory or long-term memory loss. :blink:

    But the lack of being granted a Favorites entry or a Bookmark? :angry:

    :( forum.piriform.com :( members :(

    You better dig up a good "guilty smiley" or this one. :ph34r:

    You have "cut us to the quick". :( davey

    P.S. After further contemplation, all is forgiven. :lol:

    After all, you did discover a new "meany" out there. Trying to entrap others searching for "piriform forums".

    These guys are truly "deceivers".


  13. Hello theunseen,

    Welcome to the forums !!!

    As of this time there is no support for Windows 7.

    http://docs.piriform.com/CCleaner/introduc...em-requirements For now please change any reference to CCleaner to (cc)leaner in the web address (that is convert the large CC to small cc)

    It will certainly be a big project but I know Piriform products for Windows 7 will be great.

    You can be one of the first volunteer users. :lol:

    Best wishes,

    :) davey

  14. hullo! i forgot to mention, my image files consists of 125.895 images..too much lol?

    Congrats, you now have a fully defragmented and "optimized" drive. :lol:

    Remember to check out all those "options" goodies etc. in the new documentation.

    Best wishes, :) davey

  15. The previous post was not complete??? :blink:


    Edit: Oh, suddenly now it is. ??? :lol::lol:


    But that I can do also when CCleaner was runned first. :unsure:

    Yes, of course you can but all the files released by CCleaner were still fragmented when they were released.

    By Defraggling first, then larger free spaces become available after running CCleaner.

    More larger free spaces available means less chance of creating more and more fragmented files.

    :) davey

  16. Why prior to CCleaner?

    What is the difference with running CCleaner first (= less files to defrag)? :rolleyes:

    I leave larger free spaces this way when I do my "CCleaning", instead of releasing more and more smaller free spaces. It also means I can just "check" 1 box(the one at the top of list,next to the Filename column header) and then select "Defrag Checked" or am I just trying to keep it simple. :lol:

    Best wishes, :) davey

    P.S. Bookmark this site for future use. docs.piriform.com

    Use this page for new,easy documentation of "files list". http://docs.piriform.com/defraggler/using-...-folder-or-file

  17. There is no "one magic location" for "cookies" anymore. Unfortunately each browser is different and sometimes the location is also changed in different versions of those browsers. You may even have to search those browsers forums to find out how to get rid of them.

    Turn your Indexing Service back on for awhile and use the old Search Companion to find "cookies".

    Don't be surprised to find old Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Chromium etc.

    Check this thread for an idea. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=120674


    Turn off the option at Cleaner > Applications tab > Multimedia > Adobe and/or Macromedia Flash Player.

    This will prevent any "Flash Cookies" from being cleaned. These contain log-in,password info, etc related to many popular sites. See link for more details.



    Best wishes, :) davey

  18. Hello Xion44,

    Welcome to the forums !!! :D

    I love Defraggler. :wub:

    Yes, there are much faster ways to use Defraggler.

    You can just concentrate on your Images folder or files.

    This is only necessary if you do a lot of changes frequently, otherwise Vista defragmenter should be sufficient.

    Anyhow, bookmark this site for future use. docs.piriform.com

    Use this page for this specific question. http://docs.piriform.com/defraggler/using-...-folder-or-file

    Best wishes, :) davey

  19. How's that coming?

    Hi Raheem,

    Shame on you !!! :lol:

    Every now and then, for a Piriform update, just drop by the Announcements forum.

    You are going to like this one.


    Hooray !!! :P

    :) davey

    P.S. Keep in mind that this is just the beginning.

    There are some items that are still not fully explained but I think I have noticed changes already.

    Just keep checking the new site and you will notice also. :Pdocs.piriform.com

  20. Hello ppv90,

    Welcome !!! :D

    You will find that the latest versions of CCleaner are finding many old hidden places for "ccokies" on various versions of various browsers. The first thing to do is make sure that all the options are set for them on the Applications tab and then run CCleaner again and see if all those "stale cookies" are deleted. For some browsers your will have to a search for "cookies" to find those old cookie files and manually delete them.

    Come back and let us know. :P

    Good luck, :) davey

    P.S. Check this out also. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?showtopic=19778&hl=

    Turn your Indexing Service back on for awhile and use the old Search Companion to find "cookies".

    Don't be surprised to find old Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Chromium etc.

    Check this thread for an idea. http://forum.piriform.com/index.php?s=&amp...st&p=120674

  21. does anybody know when they will release CCleaner 2.16. I really like this product because when I got it my computer went from vey slow to very fast.

    Hi lord-phoenix,

    Welcome to the forums !!! :D

    We are glad to hear how well your PC is working now.

    Many users feel the same way.

    CCleaner has historically been updated approximately once a month, so far.

    There are many things to learn and do here on the forums to improve your PC use even more.

    We are all excited about the new "Piriform Documentation" site. :P

    Look here. http://docs.piriform.com/

    Best wishes, :) davey

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