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  1. A BOAT LOAD of thanks!... To the brain stormers that came up with Defraggler! I WILL be using this Utility from here on out! I have a 6 year old Dell Dimension 866r that has been slow almost since day one! I've never used any other defrag utility other than the one that came with my machine...until now! What a difference! It runs like it was brand new. That's with a complete upgrade to the Memory and upgrading the old Windows ME to Windows XP Home Edition. I was extremely impressed with the fact that it also defrags the freespace. The only thing noticeably missing is a HELP file describing how to maneuver around Defraggler (i.e.: How to defrag the freespace etc.) I can't thank you enough for saving my old computer and keeping me from having to buy a new one (which I can't really afford at the moment). Sincerely Twowheeler
  2. This might be the only time I post to this forum, but.... I have had Crap Cleaner on my computer for more than acouple of years now and until now been pretty satisfied with it. Today I downloaded the latest installment of Crap Cleaner only to find I had also downloaded the Yahoo Toolbar as well! I don't like little surprises in my downloads and actually concider them nasty! If the boys in the white lab coats that create these sweet gems of inspiration can't keep Crap Cleaner clean then I'll have to go else where for the software to clean the crap off my computer!
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