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  1. I've had no problems downloading slim build... ever (well in just over 2 years I've been using it at a guess). I have only ever used Firefox or Opera and only ever download from ccleaner.com, however I have had a few corrupted downloads on other software and it turned out to be my download manager so it might be that Martin. I know some Internet services slow down at peak times too. I don't want to drop CCleaner, I love it thanks. So just reporting no problems in my neck of the woods (England, UK) with the download site.
  2. We have good tight security on our router but I do use windows fw as well. Was thinking of changing it to a better one but I have a low end desktop pc and it runs very slow with one on. My windows vista fw rocks! Have been looking at NetVeda, Outpost, OnlineAmor and Ghostwall... I have not made my mind up yet.
  3. I use to use avast! home free edition on my XP but now use it on my Vista because of the excellent P2P protection it has and I have more space on Vista than my XP. Love the Star Trek skin for it I use Avira AntiVir PE Classic for XP now, great detection rate, I know is has no mail scanner but I don't need it and it rocks! AVG I tried for a couple of months, didn't work on Vista (home basic) and not much success on XP plus it uses a lot of space and it's detection ate is below par - imho - based on mine and my kids experiences with it. Each to their own though, I am not bashing it, what suits one, doesn't suit another. I also use ClamWin portable for "just in case", excellent on demand scanner for those moments of crisis!
  4. I posted here so as not to clutter up with a new thread, my IE icon went off my desktop! I use the right click on desktop > properties >customize desktop and uncheck the IE icon as I don't like my desktop cluttered and I don't use IE except for updates, anyway I removed IE7 a few weeks ago and went back to 6 which fixed my internet connection problem and kept the icon off desktop, but the option was still there as I change my wallpaper often and change my recycle bin. I went to do windows updates, did them, pc hung, rebooted, everything ok, went online for an hour or so, then I added the winapp2 list to CCleaner. Ran it, then I noticed my blue E back on the desktop? Went to hide it but no option to hide it! I removed it by using the clean desktop wizard, I fear this may be my fault for not checking the CCleaner winapp2 list properly and running it without fully checking which items are checked. My fault NOT CCleaner, I just wondered what was checked that could have caused this or is it because of the win updates, I don't know which it is so apologies if I am posting wrongly, also is there a way I can get it back? The option in desktop properties? I am not complaining, just learning to correct my mistakes. Thanks and I LOVE CCleaner! My 3 kids now use it too on my recommendation. My daughter never clears her cookies out and can never connect to our router until I clear them with CCleaner. It's a wonderful product and I have had no problems with it at all (except for my/user error). No other cleaner can beat it or even come close
  5. Quicker indeed WhiteShark, although I have disabled drag and drop on the desktop, would I still be able to do it this way? (Not my question I know - but I am always looking to learn new stuff). BTW. I am downloading the Winapp 32 file for CCleaner and I noticed the google video player is spelt goolge on the first line - is it meant to be like this? Only ask as I know somethings have to be renamed for one reason or another (I am an intermediate so am still learning this stuff).
  6. On Win XP Home I do it this way: Find CCleaner in program files, right click the CCleaner icon and create shortcut. Cut it and go to C (or whatever your drive is called), Documents and settings > All Users > Start Menu > Programs... then right click and create new folder in that called CCleaner, then open it and paste the shortcut. Rename the shortcut from Shortcut to CCleaner to just CCleaner and voila. Although you miss the uninsall and homepage option Or more simply, just reinstall CCleaner, it overwrites itself so you should not end up with 2. I have a lot of apps on my start menu but I use the small menu and non-cascade setting to avoid not being able to find something
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