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    It was 68 pages!!! I did try with Recuva but no luck. I used the date of the hearing for the name of the document. I completed the one for 21 November, then called it up and used it to start a hearing on the 22nd. I changed the date at the top of the page from 21st to 22nd, deleted the rest of the document and went on typing merrily. Then I pressed Ctrl-S and that's when I saved it with the wrong name. Stupid, stupid me. It's not the first time I have done it. Do we never learn? Thanks for suggestions.
  2. I am working in MSWord. I created a document of 68 pages and saved it as 121107. I then created a new document of 3 pages and accidentally saved it as 121107. It has now overwritten the one of 121107 and it did not create a backup copy. Is there any way I can recover the first document called 121107?
  3. I use a freeware programme called Audacity. I connect a microphone to my computer and play tape-recodings of meetings, interviews, etc with a tape-recorder and record them as wav files with Audacity. If they are recordings of meetings, etc, I can then transcribe them with Express Scribe (also free) using a foot-pedal attached to my computer.
  4. This solved my problem. Thanks a ton.
  5. I have used CCleaner for years and years without a hitch. Suddenly this morning when I try to run the cleaner, it only runs for a few seconds and then CCleaner disappears off the screen. I tried shutting down and restarting but same thing happened. I downloaded the latest version and the same thing happened. (I am using Windows XP.) Please can you help?
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