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  1. I received the new keyboard in the mail today. It took about 10 minutes to remove the old and install the new. It's working great! I'm so grateful for your help and VERY glad to be rid of the USB keyboard. Thanks again, Lynn
  2. That pesky ocean is in the way, lol. I have one more question... I put it all back together and tried to order the new keyboard. I was sent the wrong one and now can't find the part # I had written down. I really don't want to take it apart again until I get the replacement. Any other way to find the right part #? HP Pavilion dv6409wm Notebook PC - (GA452UA)
  3. So far so good. I followed the directions to remove the keyboard. I gently cleaned up a few small sticky spots under the keyboard and got the part number. I put the old keyboard back in until I get a new one. It was much easier than I expected! I'm going to order a new one today. Thanks again! You have saved me so much time, frustration, and money!!!
  4. Dennis, I can't thank you enough! I love taking things apart, so this should be interesting. Hopefully I won't have any of those annoying "extra" parts when I put it back together, lol.
  5. I spilled Pepsi on the keyboard 2 days ago. I quickly turned it off, flipped it over and patted it dry the best I could. I also took most of the keys off and cleaned them and I left it open and upside down overnight to dry out. Everything seems to be working fine except the keyboard. A friend told me it could be replaced, but I'm not sure if this is something I can do myself. I'm pretty handy, but I don't know how tricky it would be. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!
  6. I had a problem with malware alarm and thanks to your site have now fixed it. One problem now remains, my desktop background disappeared. I can only change it to solid colors. I can't get it to be a picture or even a stored windows wallpaper. Any ideas? Thanks, Lynn
  7. Lynn

    Computer wont boot up

    Thank you for your quick response. I appreciate your help. If you come up with any other suggestions, please let me know. Lynn
  8. My mothers Dell desktop is 2yrs old and won't boot up. It comes to a black page and says "Loading PBR for descriptor 2...done, disk read error, press Ctrl+ALt+Delete". If I press CAD it just sends me right back to the same message. I've tried f11 and nothing I do helps. It won't allow a fixboot or safe mode. I'm sure I am going about this all wrong. Can someone give me a step by step of possible solutions? I understand it may be a problem with the hard drive and I would like to check all other possibilities before I go that route. Thanks in advance, Lynn
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