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  1. Went to CCleaner.com - does NOT have either the "slim" ver nor the Portable Zip version listed. Can NOt find it on CCleaner.com!! Pls Help find the Portable version for me!! Tnx Bunch, CP
  2. I forgot to mention I am using CCleaner 2.01.507. Are the lang files the same for that version as they are fpr 1.x??? Thanks a bunch! Cin
  3. Hi all, Just a quick question re: the CCleaner Portable application: There are 34 "lang-nnnn.dll" files. I just want to know which one is for USA English and can I just delete all the other 33 ones? I am trying to get the portable app down to smallest size possible, So I just need the: CCleaner.exe file, the CCleaner.ini file, the winapp.ini file and one of the lang-nnnn.dll files?? Thanks a bunch! Sincerely, Cin
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