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  1. Davey, sorry for the mistake, with your title "Advanced member", and the private message that you had sent to me, I had thought that you belong to the Piriform team. Sorry again. Best Wishes for the New Year
  2. Davey Thank you a lot, I appreciate your help, I am waiting for the new version, All my Best Wishes
  3. Claude, it's not my last message, un conseil si vous permettez, the next version will arrive in few days I am not very sur that the staff CCleaner have time, now to replicate your bug, because I suppose a new release is a lot of work, install this new version, and you will see if the bug reoccured. If it's , you will see with the CCleaner staff. On my side I think its best way. Just 2 questions, have you work with version 2.01507, before, if it's not the case, try to load it and see if you have the same problem, because this version was correct for all users, other question, are you sur t
  4. did you have received my message, and have you sent all informations to CCleaner, to fix your bug ? "No bug Fixer" on your post , an advanced member, Davey, ask me yesterday, by internal message to communicate all my informations, I think I do it, and do my best to help you. But, informatic is not my field. I cannot do more. I think Davey can do something for you ? May be, Davey can send a message directly to the moderator "Hazelnut",or to the Aministrator 'Mrg", they can inform directly "CCleaner staff "bug fixer", to help you. My bug is normally fixed, and I am waiting for the new release.
  5. Hello You have edited your Fai address with your profil, can you give me the authorization to communicate directly with you, in French, I will give you an address where you will explain your problem. It will be better for fixing your bug. (I cannot give this address on the forum)
  6. You are right, may be it's not the same problem. I have just proposed my "bug", same bug of few french language people, concerned by "non-english characters". However, it seems, only a few people is concerned by this bug, it's the problem. We must wait for the new release, and see if the problem is completely fixed. (I hope). Regards
  7. Hi Claude Have you read the post 25, on my topic "bug version 2.02 and 2.03", an other CCleaner user is "Babac", he is Qu?b?quois from Montreal. This bug was very difficult to replicate, because, a lot of users over the world haven't it. C'est un bug al?atoire. CCleaner team is great, they have work a lot to replicate it. On my side the non-unicode caract?re n'est pas reconnu by version 2.02 et 2.03 : my username is HP_Propri?taire, (other people have a character problem), the program is failed with the "?" or other characters. I am waiting for the next released, because CCleaner is a gre
  8. Bonjour ? vous, Please read the post 25 in the topic "bug with version 2.02 and 2.03", may be you have the same problem than me (I am French) and other people with an accent in the username like "?" for exemple (propri?taire). The bug has been replicate by "CCleaner bug fixer team" and will be fixed with the next version. If it's the same bug, you uninstall the version 2.03 and on the site filehippo, you can install the version 2.01507, it works correctly and wait for the new release. Joyeux N?el
  9. Welcome Tom, we are waiting for a correction WITH A NEW RELEASE from Piriform ASAP (we hope)... Version 2.01 is correct, problems begin with 2.02 and 2.03 If you have friends with the same problem ask them to post on the Piriform forum, the more the merrier... You can send a mail with the Spec, browser and all informations from the pc's involved : to info2@CCleaner.com, they work for us. (CCleaner lower-case letter)
  10. Hello, In my PC, for non-unicode programs, in the advanced section of "regional Language" parameter is French (France) by default, because I have never change this parameter. And to be honest, it's the first time I hear of this parameter, I must confess my ignorance of informatic. That's not my field. However, my version 2.01.507 works correctly. Thank you
  11. I know, it's not a general bug, this is the problem. It will be more easy for Piriform to fixe it. Many users : windows xp home, pro, and vista have not the bug. It's very difficult for "The Official bug fixer" to recreating and fixing the bug
  12. Good evening In my case, I never kept cookies non delete, (right panel is empty), I delete my cookies with version 2.01 and can't delete them with 2.02 and 2.03. I do not use CCleaner like Babac and we have the same problem ? And please read the post 7 of enoskype, its a very important post. You must be able to analyze, whith enoskype what's wrong with xp pro and vista and may be you will be on the way to fixe the bug. You can check all corrections since version 2.02525, if I'm right this version have the bug First we think that the bug appears for windows xp sp2 familial Now
  13. Thanks a lot to have delete my post, but the bug will not fixed by your team, if you ignore it regards
  14. Sorry to introduce me in your post for an other reason, my post is scapin, with this post I explain that a lot of people have a big problem with the complete delete cokies files with the version since 2.02 and 2.03. configuration is windows xp SP2 familial my navigator is IE7 My version 2.01 works ok without any problem. I think that the remove of the cookies file was fixed with the version 2.03 my post is scapin, I have an answer from Montreal with the same problem I try to speak with you because you are moderator, and may be you can contact CCleaner, or try to help us, or explain us w
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