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  1. G you did it again. This exceeded my expectations. I really like the new features and clean interface.
  2. I changed the refresh rate and that seems to have helped.
  3. Have you ever seen any weird things happening to a PC result from running CCleaner? If so what did you see?
  4. Has anyone experienced wavy lines of distortion as a result of using CCleaner with all boxes checked, and all registry issues removed? I don't know if it was CCleaner or if it is ironic that after I ran CCleaner I begun to have wavy horizontal lines on my monitor. I have the latest chipset drivers,videocard drivers, and refresh rate is 75MHZ at 1280x1024. thx
  5. I know that Internet Explorer keeps a Hidden Index.dat files on webpages surfed. Does Firefox have a hidden file like that? If so, how is it accessed? Can it be deleted? I had read that Firefox doesn't use index.dat files, instead it uses a variety of cache folders in <system root>\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\<profilename>\Profiles. From what I've read though Firefox does a better job of limiting access to that information. Does CCleaner already delete these hidden files?
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