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  1. Your method for running as Standard User does indeed work; I failed to notice that you indicated that "run as administrator" needed to be cleared in BOTH the shortcut AND the .exe file. Thanks very much for your help--this has been driving me crazy for months. And I heartily second your suggestins for improvements.
  2. Thanks, but this did not work for me. (I'm using CCleaner v. 2.09.6, and Windows Vista Business).
  3. Additional info: Are you running with Administrator privileges ? Have you tried Run AS ? If I log on as Administrator, or log on as Standard User and run As Administrator, or log on as Standard User and input password at UAC prompt, CCleaner runs, but only cleans the Administrator account. No apparent way to clean the Standard User account. CCleaner version ? 2.09 OS,edition ,32bit or 64bit and version ? Windows Vista Business, 32 bit, no service pack, on Dell 690 with 2gb RAM Browsers and ver.? IE7 Security software and ver? AVG 8 1 Administrator account, 1 Standard User account
  4. This behavior persists in v. 2.09. There appears to be no way to clean a Standard User account in Vista. CCleaner runs from the Standard User account (after the user responds to the UAC prompts), but it only cleans the Administrator account. You can verify this by examining the Standard User's cookies after running CCleaner; or by noticing that the Standard User's cookies do not appear on CCleaner's list of Cookies to Delete (Options>Cookies). I am not running AVAST. Unless I'm missing something, this behavior really needs to be fixed.
  5. Will not clean IE or applications on limited user accounts in Vista. This still seems to be the case in version 2.01.507; runs under Administrator or limited user accounts (after obtaining administrator permission) but will not clean limited user accounts. One more vote for fixing this--the only serious flaw in an otherwise fine piece of work. Thanks.
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