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  1. Hi I have tried that as I have Norton Systemworks 2006 plus Norton Internet security 2008 installed but only unchecking the recycle bin works inserting -*.zzz does not work for me. Hope this helps to track down the problem.
  2. I have the same problem and yes they are listed on the right but how do you download an older version? I have put the only old version I had saved back on which is 1.40.520 and it work's ok so there must be a bug in the latest version. Any other people with this problem? My OS is XP SP2
  3. I have installed the latest version 2.02.525 and it now will not secure delete on any of the secure file deletion settings the bar just keeps moving with no end even after 30 minutes. It works fine on the normal file deletion and all other items work ok. Is there anyway of reinstalling the previous version which did work? As I didn't keep a copy.
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