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  1. I ran CCleaner (the "registry" part) and I saw lots of "Unused file extension"s. I unchecked them because I was scare that if they were cleaned, they might not be able to be read by the computer. What happens when they're deleted(or rather, cleaned)?
  2. Well..the new version (which is still BETA) can download Youtube vids. but there ha sbeen a new security exploit found in it, so until a patch is available, it's out of my PC.
  3. AVG Antivirus Free, Avast Home, Spywareblaster, Spybot: S&D, Ad-Aware, AVG anti-rootkit, PC Tools Firewall Plus, Mozilla w/ Siteadvisor and Adblock plus, and.......that's about it.
  4. Mikkie


    This happened a few days back. I was just browsing my "My Documents" folder, when I noticed a folder missing - My Videos. I panicked, then discovered it was still there when I enabled "show hidden files and folders". But I don't know how it became hidden - I'm sure I didn't do it. It didn't bother me much, but I still don't get how it happened. I'm running windows XP Home (I think..), with AVG, Avast, PC Tools Firewall(although not at that time - I just got this recently), Spybot S&D, Ad-aware, Spywareblaster, and of course, CCleaner. Could this be a cracker trying to get to my PC?
  5. uh-oh..I have Realplayer AND IE, but I don't use IE. Will I still get infected?? *crosses fingers*
  6. scary! and I used to love to visit that..
  7. PC Tools for me! Lotsa people on the net say Zonealarm is the best, but user reviews on download.com tell me it's baaaad for XP.
  8. Avast AND Avg..they're both great. AVG scans and deletes well, and Avast stops DCOM exploits from getting to my PC.
  9. While installing CCleaner, I unchecked the "add CCleaner to start menu"(or something like that..) because there were too many programs on the start menu already. But now I want to put it in the start menu. I'm no computer techie, so how do I do it? Thanks!
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