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  1. Hey...after my initial steps--having only four or five icons left after the CCleaner download and install--doing a Right Click upon the Desktop, and, doing a Refresh: bringing back some icons, different sizing and spacing with MANY missing items...1. I have found that putting a bunch of IE links (from off my Desktop)all into one...folder--creating SOME ROOM thereby--and, then, doing a Arrange Icons a couple of ways (I think; at least, by Type), I have them all...back, again! The task of...re-arranging themselves (as before); for another...day, likely? Thanks...always!!
  2. I have had the same issue arising--after downloading the latest version of CCleaner upon my Windows 2000 machine, and, installing it. Immediatel gone were almost...all icons--but, a handful. Then, after a Right-Click upon the Desktop, and, clicking Refresh--I did manage to get...MANY icons back, again. Gone were...dozens, however with ALL (almost) re-arranged in ways different from originally. And, since ALL OF the spacing and most of the locations had changed: maybe, some of them are off-page (somewhere...I don't know)? Any...(all) "answers", appreciated (I haven't rebooted since this fresh...install--NOR, have I run the latest version...installed; only installing it). God bless...always.
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