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  1. IE message not appearing in safe mode. Also, since trying safe mode no longer seen in normal mode either. Strange! Correction - just appeared in normal mode again, straight after I had run Ccleaner in normal mode, closed Ccleaner and re-opened in normal mode and gone to cookies.
  2. Sorry to deflate but I am still getting the close IE message even though IE is already closed. I run IE11 on windows 7 (64 bit) and when I open Ccleaner and go to cookies the message to close IE pops up every time even though I haven't been using IE and it remains turned off. It is doing this in Ccleaner 22, 23 and 24.
  3. This issue has been resolved in 4.07. Many thanks MrT.
  4. Hello MrT Many thanks for your interest. Augeas has posted the very helpful response above which, I think, confirms my own experience. As an example go to this Tripadvisor site http://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/ShowForum-g187525-i191-Benidorm_Costa_Blanca_Alicante_Province_Valencian_Country.html and click on any of the listed topics. Then close the site and if you run IE's clear history the topic will cease to be highlighted. If you follow the link again and this time run CCleaner v. 4.06 after closing it, and then re-visit, the heading will remain highlighted. Hope this helps.
  5. This has still not been fixed in v. 4.06 as received yesterday. I have worked backwards through previous releases and get the same behaviour in versions 4.05 - 4.02. The most recent version where the highlighting is cleared correctly is v. 4.01. ( I run IE10 on Windows 7 64 bit.)
  6. I only have Adobe Reader X installed but Ccleaner still lists both this and Acrobat X as Applications. Deleting the registry entries for Acrobat temporarily removes it from Ccleaner but opening Reader results in Acrobat being listed as a Ccleaner Application again. Has anyone found a way of restricting the Ccleaner Application to just Adobe Reader where that is the only program installed?
  7. Found this http://forums.adobe.com/message/3737276#3737276 The AIR Zapper Tool detected and removed previous traces of AIR on the PC. AIR is no longer listed in Ccleaner.
  8. Prestonian

    Adobe AIR

    I run Windows 7 and IE8 and am a big Ccleaner fan. Recently I have noticed Adobe AIR listed under the Utilities heading of Ccleaner Applications and am puzzled because I can find no trace of AIR being installed on my PC. Any advice, please, as to how I can stop Ccleaner picking it up?
  9. Under Ccleaner 3.03 the following show under applications: MS Office Picture Manager MS Search Helper Extension Problem is I don't seem to have these applications on my PC. The only Office product I have is Word XP which doesn't even support Picture Manager! I don't have any Office Viewer programs any longer. How can I remove Picture Manager and Search Helper Extension from Ccleaner Applications?
  10. Thanks - this and the previous post solve the mystery. I do have the key referred to in the penultimate post - it came with the free standalone MS Excel Viewer. It looks to me as though the Ccleaner programmer has assumed that Picture Manager will always co-exist with Office which is not the case with the various Viewer programs. Ideally Ccleaner need to give Picture Manager a more specific detect key so that it will be detected only when Picture Manager is actually installed. Thanks again for the info - hopefully this issue might get corrected at some point.
  11. Yes - that's why I'm puzzled as I don't have Office installed. I was wondering if all users of Ccleaner had this program on their list of applications by default and regardless of whether it is actually installed?
  12. When I open Ccleaner and look at the Applications to be cleaned list, a program called MS Office Picture Manager is always listed. As I do not have this program installed on my PC I would like to delete this from the Ccleaner list. (Have checked through Registry and cannot find a key for this Program). Any ideas please?
  13. Very many thanks - I hadn't realised that it had changed last week from V2.02.527. Have now downloaded 532, re-started my PC and delighted to see CCleaner open maximized again.
  14. For some reason I have been unable to get the current and the previous version of CCleaner to open in a maximized window when I open it for the first time after switching on the PC. It always opens in restored down form and I then either drag it out to full screen or I use the maximize button. It remembers this setting while the PC remains switched on but loses it again the next time I switch on the PC. I run XP Home SP2 and IE7. All my other programms open maximized. Any ideas please.
  15. Following PC crash have re-installed XP SP2 and exactly the same programs/applications that I had previously. However, when I do a CCleaner full scan it is now scanning 39,000 items as compared to 34,000 items previously. Any explanations for this please?
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