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    Your problem is easy. I had this problem too. Do the folowing things. I've my knowledge from reading forum sites. Step 1 Download a very little programma on http://www.funkytoad.com/download/hoster.zip Step 2 Unpack it. Step 3 Search for the program and run it. Step 4 Click on the button richt (above) Make Host writeble Click after that on the button Restore Original Host Your problem is over now. ===== If you have WinPatrol, that programm wil see the changing. Klik Yes en you can read an example of wath Microfoft has done. That message is not importent. Close it and run Spybot for dure again. I can tell you, that yout problem is over. What I can with my age of 64 years, you can also. I left the High school for a long ago, so time I had sure make mistakes with my English, but I'm sure you understand my message. At your service. Cor Schorel Netherlands My privat mail is: s@avd.nl
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