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  1. Here is how I defragment my C drive: 1. Make disc image backup to external hard-drive. 2. Checkdisk to recover those bad sectors. 3. Restart. 3. SuperCleaner (because it overwrites). 4. CCleaner. 5. RegSeeker: "Clean the Registry". 6. Restart. 7. Eraser "unused space wipe". 8. Restart in safe mode and defragment. 9. Restart. 10. Make disc image backup to external hard-drive.
  2. The first time I ran it on my computer (a 2 month old install) it was around 650MB. The first time I ran it on my GF's computer (a 3 year old install) it was around 550MB.
  3. I wish CCleaner could overwrite things.
  4. bpm3k


    I tried out supercleaner. I set it to delete 0 byte files. It broke my norton antivirus.
  5. bpm3k


    I use (google them): Quicktime Alternative Real Alternative Media Player Classic If you just need codecs check out defilerpak.
  6. bpm3k

    Hijack This?

    That is like saying Ad-Aware SE Personal edition prevents spyware. It helps to remove spyware but I do not feel that it prevents anything. If you want to stop programs from being added to "your HKLM Run part of your registry," I would recommend installing StartupMonitor.
  7. bpm3k

    Hijack This?

    How does hijackthis "prevent" malware?
  8. The 46 Best-ever Freeware Utilities.
  9. bpm3k

    Avast! or AVG?

    AntiVir is the way to go.
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