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  1. I am trying to add bitdefender 8 free to my winapp2.ini: [bitDefender 8 Free] LangSecRef=3024 Detect=HKLM\Software\Softwin\BitDefender Antivirus Default=True FileKey1=%ProgramFiles%\Softwin\BitDefender8|vscan.log FileKey2=%DocumentsandSettings%\bob\Desktop\Security|getfile.dat FileKey3=%DocumentsandSettings%\bob\Desktop\Security|x_dtrace_log Everytime I update Bitdefender it creates getfile.dat and x_dtrace_log in the folder that contains the BD shortcut. I would like CCleaner to delete these two files. The filekey1 works great. But I cannot get 2 and 3 to work.
  2. Of my family members we have 2 antivir free installations, 2 Avast home installations, and 1 v-com SystemSuite.
  3. No need to email anything. Go here and get instant satisfaction: http://my.opera.com/community/party/reg.dml
  4. Be careful, or you will go blind....
  5. That is exactly what I ment :sarcasm:. If you would have read the title of the thread "Update windows through firefox..." I think you would have made the connection that I am referring to Microsoft Windows and not "AV,Spyware and other non MS progs." If you are unable to connect the title of this thread to my post then good luck. But my original point remains; I would not download Microsoft updates from a non-Microsoft website.
  6. bpm3k

    Proccess Explorer

    My taskmanager allows me to check my current network transfer speed. Does your "superior" process explorer improve on that?
  7. I would be cautious useing a non Microsoft website to download updates.
  8. What do you mean by "clean?"
  9. I use antivir because I feel that it is the best free antivirus program with resident protection. When I want to do an on-demand scan I use BitDefender Free. The bitdefender product does not have any resident protection which is why I use it with AntiVir. On the AV-comparative site Kaspersky it rated the higest. But Nod32 is also rated well. If I wanted to buy an antivirus program I would get Kaspersky. But I feel that the combination of AntiVir for resident protection and BitDefender for on-demand is good enough. Then I also occasionaly scan with Ewido and a-squared. I feel that as far as virus and trojan protection that I am as protected as free can be.
  10. If you want a free backup AV. You should try BitDefender 8 Free Edition; it is only an on-demand scanner and has no resident component to disable. Additionally, Bitdefender has better detection rates than AVG. Go here for AV tests and comparisions.
  11. Two things: 1. Ewido is for 2000 and XP. You can try a-squared Free it is similar to Ewido; but will work on your operating system. I have both Ewido and A-squared installed on my computer. 2. Here is an english support forum for AntiVir Free: http://castlecops.com/f88-AntiVir_Personal...on_Classic.html
  12. I also use antivir. I like it. H+BEDV is now beta testing a new "Incremental VDF-Update" version of AntiVir Personal Edition Classic. It makes the updates much smaller so they download much faster. http://www.free-av.com/win_incremental.html
  13. Resident: AntiVir. On-demand: BitDefender Free Edition.
  14. I read through all 4 articles. I wish he would have tested AntiVir. Also what is the time gap between his tests for article 2 and 3? When he switches from testing the free products to useing the paid products, I hope there is not really a one month difference in testing is there? Becuase obviously useing the def files from a month later would provide better results. I am referring to time lapse in testing between article 2 and 3. Additionaly when you look at his test results here. Although he says he used 104 samples there are many duplicates. It looks like he actually used less than 25 different malware samples. I agree that the best pay products are better thant he best free products BUT I think his testing and documentation of his testing are sadly lacking.
  15. I am surprised that no one posted a link to the Optimus keyboard homepage and faq: Product Homepage Keyboard FAQ Quote from FAQ: We hope it will be released in 2006.
  16. bpm3k


    I have ewido and A-Squared Free both installed for on-demand antitrojan scans. I also have BitDefender Free Edition installed for on-demand scans (it has better detection rates than the big 3 free AVs).
  17. So then why do you claim that "There's not really much security at all in clearing your pagefile at shutdown, as you would have to overwrite that space with data at least seven times."?
  18. Assuming your two abbreviations are a reply to me. What about "U.S.Department of Defense Sanitizing (DOD 5220.22-M). The algorithm using 3 passes of overwriting."? It seems dod recomends 3 passes. DoD 5200.28-STD
  19. Did you just pick the magic number seven out of your hat?
  20. Be careful with what you download and from where. I honestly feel that the macromedia flash program is fine once you edit the preferences to make it not store any data, set it up to never access your webcam or mic, and use spywareblaster.
  21. I reordered the OEM installation cds for a compaq computer I had. It cost me $10 and there was free firstclass shipping. When I installed I did not have to enter any numbers at all. The only thing is that it is Windows xp without any of the service packs. But of course I have my sp2 disc i recieved free from MS so that is not really a problem.
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