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  1. The new version (5.58.7209) is now available for DL. I just installed it, so hopefully the issue is permanently resolved. https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/
  2. Disappeared again! Dave CCleaner, please let us know why this is happening.
  3. BTW, it came back again yesterday and is still showing. Weirdest thing ever. I'm glad a fix is scheduled to come out. So what is causing the problem?
  4. Easy Clean disappeared again!! The devs must find out what is causing this.
  5. I haven't used the registry cleaner for months. I rarely ever use it to prevent possible negative effects on my PC. Windows hasn't been updated since this version of CCleaner.
  6. This is really strange. Just now, I closed my browser (FF) and attempted to reopen it but it said it wasn't closed. I hit the prompt to close. Then just for the heck of it, I opened CCleaner and lo and behold, the Easy Clean mode returned! This whole thing is really baffling to me because I didn't think it was possible for a particular feature in a program to just simply disappear.
  7. Yes I was connected to the internet the whole time. I rarely shut down my PC. I did not make any tweaks to the registry. I used the Easy Clean mode a few times, and also viewed it several times to see how many cookies were being added but didn't use it.
  8. Version 5.57 7182 (64-bit) won't display Easy Clean mode. It just disappears! I already reinstalled it once and it came back, but now it disappeared again. I even restarted my system but that didn't work. How this is possible is beyond me. This is obviously a bug. Other than reinstalling it again, is there anything else that can be done to restore the Easy Clean mode?
  9. Believe it or not, I actually like the present configuration for the "progress bar." I like this better because each time it starts over I know that the program is working and that there is a quite a bit of crap left to clean and the program isn't locking-up. For example, when I install it on a friend's computer that's a virgin to CCleaner, it takes quite a bit of time to finish because there's so much crap on it, but I know it's working. I wouldn't feel as comfortable if it were a progress bar instead of a staus bar as indicated by Caldor). The reason is that I hate when a progress bar doesn't move for quite some time because it's working on something, ie, malware scanner, because you're not sure if the program malfuntioned. I guess the only way to truly make everyone happy would be to show the files it's working through. However, sometimes even that isn't good enough because plenty of times when something is being scanned it will stop on a particular file and stay there for several mins. Life is tough sometimes.
  10. I'm not certain if this is answering your question, but on the latest version there is a feature under "Options" to Exclude files from deletion. You can also do the same for Cookies and the Registry.
  11. I'm sure it would be greatly appreciated by most of your users if you add the ability to add a sound effect when the Recycle Bin is emptied. I have a custom sound for emptying the Recycle Bin, but I can never hear it because I use CCleaner to delete my files. PLEASE add a feature that enables one to add any sound they want for emptying the Recycle Bin. To make it easy for computer illiterate users, you can make it automatically use whatever the sound is set to-with a check box to shut it off by unchecking, or visa-versa. I think most users (even computer literate ones) including myself would prefer the box to be checked as the default. As I mentioned earlier, for more computer literate users, you can also have it where one can add any sound by browsing. P.S. I will climb the highest mountain and proclaim CCleaner as the best product of its genre on the market if this suggestion is granted!
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