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  1. Thanks for the added info, It ended up being as simple as deleting it from the device list for me. Thanks, Brian G.
  2. Hi, I could have sworn I had tried deleting it and that it came back on re-boot, but after I read the notes in the Dell forum, I deleted it from the device manager device list (as suggested), and rebooted. It's gone! Thanks You solved the problem (At least for me). Brian G.
  3. No Dice, Wont load those drivers and just looks like a device with a question mark in my device manager. Brian G.
  4. DeviceList.txtI have attached the file that you asked me to save from the utility that you suggested running. There were no results in the search that you suggested I try. Thanks, Brian G. DeviceList.txt
  5. I am having the exact same problem on my Dell after an automatic update that ran last evening. running xp pro service pack 2 on a newer Dell Dimension 2400 Asset Tag: BHQBW41 Express Service Code: 250-167-555-37 Looking for a solution and this is where Google took me. Not much else out there on the subject otherwise. I tried the chipset tool, to no avail.
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