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  1. OK thanks I already downloaded that one. Have not tested it but not quite what I wanted. I wanted it to be fully automated. Start up with windows and keep the reg backed up for a week with 7 different step back up so if one do not work you can go back a little farther. That is manually done. It is useful but not guite what I wanted.
  2. Wasn't talking about System restore. I hate it infact. Was talking about registry restore that you use with the startup disk on windows 95, 98 and ME. System restore doesn't always put your system back in the right order and causes problems. Reg restore just restores the registry back about three days and let you pick how far to go back when you do a reg restore.
  3. I think if CCleaner started with windows and made a back up of your registry so if you come up with problems you could go back on the registry a couple of days it would save a lot of heartaches with Windows XP because it doesn't seem to have the option like Windows me to just do a registry restore and you have to do a whole system restore to fix something that could be just a registry problem. I do not know why Microsoft keeps cutting off needed stuff every time they upgrade their sorry OS. Just keep getting worse and worse. When I had Windows ME I thought it can not get any worse than this but after Buying and installing XP I can see I was so so wrong. Yes it is better than ME in most things but it cut out a lot of necessary things that was in ME and the Registry restore fix a lot of problems I had. Lets just face it System restore sometimes causes more problems than it fixes. Yes it works sometimes bit not all and some times it doesn't put everything back right. That is why I think if you put a Registry restore on CCleaner it will be so so appreciative. Not only for me but alot of people who hate system restore. Thanks for your time and yes thanks for a great freeware Harddrive cleaner. It is the only one I use. Yes I have used others. Lets face it yours is and was the only cleaner that didn't cause more problems or caused problems when using it. Thanks again
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