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  1. Are you certain everything is securely deleted? Do you use any software that deletes files on it's own?
  2. I do not think there would be an issue with people wondering why things they deleted were not going to the Recycle Bin IF it were an advanced feature that had a pop-up warning when enabled.
  3. Bump, Bump, Bump ..... ... ..... .. ... ........ ..... ....... .. .. .....
  4. Hello, would it be possible to implement a feature that intercepts API calls and automatically secure deletes files? I have noticed a software called Shred Agent (shredagent.com) that intercepts calls made by any other software (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Windows itself, etc.) and securely deletes the data instead of letting Windows delete it in a non-secure fashion. This Shred Agent is nice, but 60$ is ridiculous for such a feature? Seems like it would not be to difficult for CCleaner to implement, would it? This would be a nice feature because even data not deleted through CCleaner would be securely deleted. Look forward to the response
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