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  1. I was trolling through the forums looking for good and bad ideas and ran across this. I would 3rd this suggestion, specifically .BAK .TMP .DMP etc - some powerusers know for sure that all .TMP files are trash and are willing to risk data loss with this feature - user beware, but feature enabled.
  2. no updates to this thread from the programmers yet - thought I would bump it back up to the top and see if we can get a status from the gurus?
  3. I regularly use CCleaner as one of 2 cleaners to do all my trace removal. Found out today that the FTP user name history is not being removed. Don't know if this is just a missing feature or if it is a bug in the latest code or... Steps taken to reproduce: 1) open a ftp site in M$ I.E. that requires credentials ftp://ftp.foo.bar 2) authenticate successfully with credentails 3) close I.E. 4) clean and wash everything - all options 5) rebooot, log off, or not - any which way same results autocomplete does NOT fill in ftp://ftp.foo.bar, BUT the popup box asking for username and password d
  4. Been a while and no input added here from the coders - what's the future of this request oh programmers. Any word from on high?
  5. calculating percentage versus calculating time is a 10x harder code implimentation - to throw out percent you just do that, before you start you know you have 107,000 items to handle, increment the % every 107 items. To calculate "time" and have it behave realistically you have to do 1% of the file i/o (call that A), 1% of the memory i/o (call that and then ballpark the time (100 * [A+B] ) - way to much bloat code for what little it accomplishes (think about this becoming a 3 meg executable just to time estimate correctly. again I'll defend coding this feature and not coding it. Anybody do th
  6. As a programmer I can help defend the code writer, and both request the feature and request it NOT be implimented. Programattically it is almost impossible to ballpark file i/o time + registry i/o time + .... and then make your progress bar behave realistically (progress bars that show nothing but file work ok, you mix file and memory and the progress bar jumps and stalls). That said, I like to have an idea if I have 5 minutes left or 5 hours - so I want a real working progress bar. Cost / benefit wise I prefer to have a tiny clean sharp exe that does the job with no bloat - progre
  7. I'm gonna second this request but with a little variation. How about command line switches that allow users to launch, chooose a dozen check box options, execute, and exit silently (no results)... for those of us who want total automation. I've done this in both VB.NET 2003 and C++, be glad to give you a sample code project / applicaiton - etc advice, help, anything you need.
  8. Ditto to the above suggestion, I would like RDP session history cleaned up as well. ( So much so I am willing to provide the code, VB or C++). Here's what I did in VB.NET 2003 (only used vb cause that is what we do at work, I'm really a C++ coder) Private Function CleanRDP() Dim regkey_RDPKey As RegistryKey Dim string_RDPDefaultFile As String 'True = Write, False = Read regkey_RDPKey = Registry.CurrentUser.OpenSubKey("Software\\Microsoft\\Terminal Server Client\\Default", True) If regkey_RDPKey.GetValue("MRU0") <> "" Then : regkey_RDPK
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