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  1. It's been around for a while now, no matter what the CCleaner version: after I run the cleaner there's always some Internet Explorer file or files left. BTW I rarely run IE, my default browser is Chrome, I run Maxthon for some tasks and only on occasion I run Edge. Besides, even if I start IE and use its own cleaner, then CCleaner, that stuff is still there. Any ideas? TIA.
  2. There was no error message, the download simply didn't start. But I could download it later, and this problem happens most of times with the portable version. It was the first and only time it happened with the installation version. Maybe it was something with my connection. Now everything is OK. Thanks all.
  3. I could not download it from any of the three sites: Download.com Filehippo.com CCleaner.com
  4. Well, I thought that's what CCleaner was supposed to clean. ▼ Parameter CCleaner.exe /EXPORT Explanation CCleaner exports the cleaning rules to the INI files. Three INI files will be created in the CCleaner's installation folder - winapp.ini, winreg.ini and winsys.ini. They contain cleaning rules for the Application section, Registry Cleaner and the Windows section respectively. ■ Then what? Do I have to manually edit those .ini files?
  5. Although they were uninstalled more than a year ago, these programs are still listed in Cleaner > Applications: Besides, LibreOffice was installed to replace the MS Office suite but it is not in the Cleaner > Applications list, only in Tools > Uninstall. Why is that so? Is it maybe because I use a portable version of CCleaner? And how to fix that, if this is possible? TIA.
  6. It's been happening for a good while now: the CCleaner - Portable download link on the CCleaner - Builds page doesn't start the download, it shows another page with download links and jumps right off to the Piriform home page. This problem occurs with the four browsers I have here: Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Maxthon, and Internet Explorer.
  7. I've uninstalled some programs long ago, but they still appear on CCleaner. Some programs I had and uninstalled long ago but are still there: Google Earth Office2003 Office2010 Office2013 Windows Live Messenger DivX Player Avast Antivirus SUPERAntiSpyware The point is I expected CCleaner to really get rid of any traces from any uninstalled programs for good.
  8. I received two e-mail alerts about answers to this thread, but when I come here there is none. What's wrong?
  9. My search for "shortcut key accelerators" returned this very thread only. Please, where can I find a list of CCleaner's shortcut key accelerators? TIA.
  10. The Advanced Usage → Running Defraggler from a USB drive page reads: You can install Defraggler to and run it from a USB drive. Why would you use this? If you want to take Defraggler with you to defrag other computers, this can come in very handy. For example, if your work PC doesn't allow you to install new software, you can simply run Defraggler from a USB drive. Or, if you want to help out a friend by defragging his PC, you can bring over Defraggler without having to install anything on his computer. Problem here is that I can open Defraggler but cannot run neither its Analyze nor its Defrag feature. I get this error message: Process aborted due to: Access denied. How can I overcome this lack of administrative rights, if there is a way?
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