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    just done a course on the computer basics,<br />and learning about them, i'am interested about trobleshooting computer problems, and gathering information on this topic
  1. sonic99

    Page file

    Yeah, just found this for vista, i might try this myself in a day or two... http://www.alohatechsupport.net/webdesignm...ith_window.html
  2. sonic99

    Page file

    I just settled for a static page file, i haven't got into creating partitions yet, but it would come in handy to know how you do them. I'll have to learn how you do this..... Is it easier on xp than vista, or doesen't it matter.. Thanks also, Nathan for replying
  3. Hello there This just confuses me a little What does it mean when it says " by selecting the Recurse subfolders check box " Or what does recurse mean, it not in the cambridge dictionary, and i suppose " driver or folder " is a typing error ...
  4. sonic99

    Page file

    Yes, i keep forgetting this "it depends on what you are doing" I would have not seen any improvements, just visiting web sites, so maybe this would have improve performance if i was doing something like you stated above. I have put your above statement in the "page file " folder, for future reference. The other week i was just gathering info on the page file, as i was going to start experimenting a little. But this thread which i started, had put me of a little.... http://www.computerhope.com/forum/index.ph....html#msg644763
  5. sonic99

    Page file

    Hello nathan Yes, i downloaded "pagedefrag" from sysinternals for the XP machine, carn't say if i noticed any improvement. Do you notice any improvement doing it your way. What do you think , to creating a static page file, i keep meaning to try it, but what i have read so far is people just tell you its best to leave the page file alone, there are to many "myths" about the page file
  6. It most certainly does, on my xp machine i must have had about 80 restore points, i deleted about 60 of them , now i have a 1% fragmentation.. But i was surprised on the vista machine, there was only 3 restore points, on XP there are alot of "system check points" but non on vista O WELL, THE VISTA MACHINE IS A LOT NEWER, but i thought there would be more restore points......
  7. Still haven't found out if defraggler defrags all files regardless of there size
  8. sonic99

    Page file

    OK, vitalspec I've got the link to the download of page defrag, i'll try that later on the xp machine.. I haven't had time yet to find this out, but do you know if defaggler defrags files regaurdless of there size, i should think it would do, but i am not sure
  9. ARR, i ran defraggler three times, and on each run it defragmented about 15% eventually getting it down to 23% from 75% I wondered what those files at the top are, and now relize they carn't be defragmented. Just checking DELETE ONLY THE "SYSTEM VOLUME INFORMATION" files and maybe leave one.......
  10. sonic99

    Page file

    I guessed as much Aethec, thanks for replying Is defraggler, a lot better to use than the drfragmentor's in xp and vista.... I've been using just the standard ones in xp and vista, and just came across defraggler by chance, so you would recommend using it all the time... EDIT Doe's it defragment all files reguardless of there size
  11. sonic99

    Page file

    Hi am new to defraggler Is there a help section on using defraggler Can you defrag the pageing file, and if you can , how would you do it in draggler.. Windows xp
  12. sonic99

    more info

    yea have done just wondering if there was any more information about the advanced features
  13. sonic99


    right, thanks when i do select "fix all selected issuses" and there is a problem how doe's it let you know, i have not had any problems as yet, but just wondering what happens if there was a problem
  14. sonic99

    more info

    could you please supply more info , do not fully understand the advanced features,.........more detail
  15. sonic99


    what doe's carnt recover pictures mean,, and whats it got to do with cc. i thought it was supposed to get rid of them
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