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  1. Thanks to who ever wrote this prog. I have been using it a while and even though it is bantered as 'freeware', I just gladly paid my ? to help the cause. (took 2 seconds via paypal) Thanks loads, you made my life easier! Mike
  2. Great Program! thank you. The only thing extra I would like to see is.. under the tools option a set of customisable buttons to open other systems programs..i.e. I would set one button to target Diskeeper and another to open AVG control centre maybe?.. you get the picture, it'd be good to have all of the clean-up tools in one place and less desktop icons. Even better would be a high-speed defragger like Diskeeper (www.diskeeper.com) built directly into CCleaner. Apparently a badly fragmented HDD can slow access times by as much as 30% I am no programmer, so I dont understand the lo
  3. mikenco

    Math joke

    Not quite math, but numbers.. one-one was a racehorse; two-two was one too; when one-one won a race; 22112.
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