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  1. Thats ok Im just sitting in a corner crying
  2. Not ready for Australia Us and Canada ON|Y Any more legal ones
  3. Forgot to add this They give ya spyware Plus in a news report they under pay there employes
  4. Ok this has happened everytime the new release is out Are they ever going to fix it ANALYSIS COMPLETE - (1.293 secs) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ 77.07KB to be removed. (Approximate size) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Details of files to be deleted (Note: No files have been deleted yet) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ IE Temporary Internet Files (1 files) 77.07KB ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ It keeps showing that every time after i clean my pc out
  5. Think repairing xp might be good idea Maybe try and turn off the flash on the camera
  6. Hi all Can I download and save CCleaner on my website so other people can use it
  7. Thats her Thank you But wheres the link:D
  8. I want one of those pencils but where from
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