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  1. I've noticed the same thing. CCleaner currently doesn't do a good job dealing with multiple XP accounts. Would this shortcoming be addressed, I am sure CCleaner would soon become a valuable app for administrators.
  2. In my opinion, while operating under a limited usr account, issue scanning should be restricted to the HKCU hive.
  3. I've just learned that Microsoft might have asked enhanced labs to refrain from distributing that theme (grab the corresponding thread on neowin.net for further details). So, please understand that I will not post it here.
  4. Thanks for taking care of this annoyance. I otherwise really love this program. Can we expect support for OpenOffice some time in the future? The skin is Longhorn Alternative VS, see http://www.enhancedlabs.com for details.
  5. Using CC 1.19.105 when fiddling with Options->Settings and then press OK, I - most of the time - see the following runtime error when using CC as a XP.SP2 Limited User: Run-time error 26001: Failed to create Registry Key ... (see attached image).
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