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  1. Please excuse the preceeding post. I rebooted Windows again (first time after restoring the registry entries) and images now display correectly in Outlook. I guess one of the removed registry entries caused the problem. I'll look at it in more detail when it's not a holiday.. Now back to the family, wondering where I disappeared to. Sorry for using some bandwidth. Tom
  2. Yesterday I downloaded the latest CCleaner version (3.00.1310) and ran Cleaner and Registry Integrity. I am running Win7 with Outlook 2007. I'm not sure (of course) that CCleaner is to blame but I later noticed that Outlook is not displaying images, only boxes with the "red X". At first I thought it was a temporary Internet connectivity problem but it's been continuous since then. I Googled for cures and can't find anything wrong. I found the temp directory and it is empty. When I open an attachment that file appears in the temp directory. I double-clicked the Registry backup file from CCleaner and it reloaded ok but did not fix the problem. I'm now at a loss for what to try. Any ideas are more than welcome. Thanks, Tom
  3. Thanks, everyone, for the active help. This is a great message board! Since I'm seeing people not using CCleaner having the problem I'll assume it was a freak coincidence that I first saw the problem immediately after running CCleaner. I "uninstalled" the SDDMI2 device and it did not get "re-found" when I rebooted. So I'll keep my fingers crossed. Tom
  4. After running the cleaner the first time on my Dell Dimension desktop and rebooting the computer it entered the "New Hardware Found" dialog saying that the device "SDDMI2" was found. I have no idea what this device might be and I had no luck with the autoinstall or trying the device drivers CD that came with the computer - I keep getting "software not found" errors. I tried doing a restore of the Registry and that made no difference. I had done quick tests of most of the computer features and don't see anything, yet, that doesn't work. Does anyone have any ideas? Thanks, Tom
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