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  1. I just heard a local radio station is supposed to announce on Monday that GNR is coming to Atlanta in November! Cant Wait!

    enjoy mate:-)


    I have a lot of fav songs...and not only from GN'R,but I have to go with the whole appetite for destruction album here.

  2. If you already have Chrome, or opted out last time you installed Ccleaner will remember that and not offer it again for a certain length of time.


    Just did a reformat, but had chrome installed first. Why does that matter?

  3. b56377123146443.jpg

    Thanks to Mr.Brownstone, I now have Windows 7 customised to just the way I like it. The UXTheme patcher you suggested worked brilliantly MrBrownstone, don't know what issues the other people were having.


    Nice mate! :-)

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