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  1. Ah. I have VMWare Workstation (did have the v7 beta installed and now the final), too. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Hi, just installed the slim version of 2.25 and was clicking through the options (always looking for any visual differences), and when I clicked on "Tools", I got an Unexpected Error dialog. I did click Report but couldn't tell if it actually did anything so I'm reporting it manually here. The contents of the dialog are: Dialogs attached: I notice that the Uninstall list is empty which is probably related. FYI I am on Windows 7 RTM Ultimate x86. If I click on Startup or System Restore and then click on Uninstall again, the dialog pops up. Interestingly, if I leave it on Uni
  3. Hi, I was wondering if the download links for the alternate builds of CCleaner (particularly the slim one) could be updated in order to download v2.25 (they still apparently link to 2.24)?
  4. Very interesting. I will look into it and perhaps try it out sometime to see if it has advantages (or disadvantages) over Acronis True Image. That's great news! Thank you very much!
  5. That's okay, I'm patient. For some reason, I never get email notifcations of responses by this forum even though I have it set to, so I have this message saved in Website-Watcher to let me know when there's changes. Thanks for the reply! Thanks for the interesting info, Patrick.
  6. The reason yours won't work might be the same reason CCleaner v2.x won't run as a task run by Acronis True Image as I detailed here v2.x no longer works when launched by Acronis True Image. I had lots of views but no replies. I was aware that some programs won't run as a scheduled task without a password, which means that your Windows account has to have a password as well. Acronis True Image isn't using the scheduler though, and doesn't include a place to enter a password for the external command you can have it run. At least in your case, they could have conceivably made CCleaner v
  7. Greetings. Thanks for CCleaner. For at least a year and a half, I've used CCleaner both as a shortcut on my desktop, and as an external command launched by Acronis True Image for it to run before starting a backup. In both cases they are using the /AUTO switch. As of v2.x of CCleaner, having Acronis True Image launch it fails. It has done this under both Windows XP and Vista. Acronis just comes back with a dialog saying that the command failed. It still worked as of the final v1.x version. Any ideas?
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