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  1. Thanks Glenn for such a quick response to this!! And thank you DennisD for the answer to my issue. A friend had told me it had something to do with -flash cookies- but that was about all they knew. I googled how to delete them with no real answer. So I did what you advised and it works. Thanks again guys, LFaA
  2. I am using CCleaner v2.21.940 and I'm trying to delete cookies. I'm am using IE8 (w/service pack 3) and I'm trying to remove the cookies in the -Cookies To Delete- column. But it's not happening!?! What do I need to do to resolve this issue? thanks in advance, LFaA
  3. LFaA

    Wiping found files

    Greetings, RECUVA at Its best (maybe)!!! I recently bought a used computer from an associate in my building. I was fairly cheap and wanted one to keep at the house for the family (kids). When I got it home I fired it up to do a check. I ran Recuva. While he did a great job(?) on removing all of his apps/software, there was left alot of "deleted" files on the HD!?! I fear there are alot of X Rated/Porn stuff he not knowingly left on. My question is this, how do I clean this stuff off this computer? On my other computer I sometimes use a 'pro eraser' to really delete items. I will ins
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