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  1. Ditto here too, exactly the same occurence and setup... Using slim version, 5.46 has the 'sharing of information' checked, but nowhere do I see how to stop automatic updates.
  2. jwall

    Old Version

    The difference between standard and slim is just the 'bundled offer' in the installer. Once installed they are the same. There are threads on here that also tell you which files to copy from the standard installation to make the portable version. Thanks.
  3. jwall

    Old Version

    Ok, thanks. I may have to go that route if I can't find a slim version.
  4. jwall

    Old Version

    Greetings, I'm seeing the problems with the newer versions. How can I get version 5.40 slim? Thank you.
  5. jwall


    Thanks, hazelnut, it's working now, no waiting. Thanks to the devs too!
  6. jwall


    Well, some progress is being made. 5.42 is now listed on the builds page, but the download doesn't work. Thanks for the info, hazelnut.
  7. jwall


    I know this is asked a lot, but it's been over two weeks and no slim. The builds page doesn't show it and I've tried a search only to be taken to a blank page (cleaner.com). Is it not available anymore? Edit: Hmm, apparently it doesn't exist or nobody knows, judging from the lack of responses...
  8. I see it's here now
  9. No slim? It's been more than a week...
  10. Problem here too with win 7 laptop and win 10 desktop. After reaading the posts here, this is what I did. I deleted/unpinned all shortcuts to ccleaner. I then made a new shortcut on the desktop pointing to ccleaner 64. I pinned it to the start up and taskbar. They all worked, launching normally. I did a restart (not a cold boot) and they still worked. This is probably unrelated but, I have avast and one of the options in the troubleshooting is to have avast load AFTER all other services, in other words, no boot scan on start up. I did a fresh (cold) boot this morning and everything still works. Ccleaner launched normally. So, I can't really say what fixed it, but I suspect it was the shortcut . So far so good. Off topic, but still looking for a good free AV. They are all so bloated now. Odd that everything worked perfectly before version 5.10
  11. jwall

    Defragler slim

    "Only CCleaner has a slim build now." Ok. Thanks for the reply hazelnut.
  12. Still not seeing a slim version of the latest Defragler. Did I miss something?
  13. Through some experimenting, I discovered it does leave some things behind, in some cases when uninstalling. Just some FYI, but still a good app.
  14. Ok, thanks for that. No problem.
  15. OK, I take it that ccleaner for Windows and Android work the same. As far as I know Revo uninstaller is for Windows only? Thank you for the reply.
  16. Thanks, but I'm talking about Android. Is it the same as Windows?? EDIT: Don't mean to doubt you, but it's unclear to me.
  17. First, I like ccleaner after using cleanmaster, no bloat! However, one nice thing about cleanmaster, when installing apps, it would also search out anything left behind. For example, Dolphin would also install another program (app) and cleanmaster would ask if that should go too. And, SDMaid Pro also does this (it's called corpse finder). So, my question is, does ccleaner also search out these left behind apps? If not, it should be included in future versions, IMO.
  18. Thanks, Sounds like good 'insurance' to remove them.
  19. Thanks for the advice, I think I'll uninstall these and see what happens.
  20. So, I have two Win 7 64 bit machines, desktop and laptop with these updates and no problems. Should I leave as is or remove the update?
  21. Ok, thanks for the info.
  22. Just curious, any news on when and if this will be available?
  23. jwall

    dumb question

    I got it down to just the pagefile where when trying to defrag it, the program aborts. If 8% is no big deal, I'm ok with that. I assume a boot defrag takes care of the pagefile? Thanks all for the help.
  24. jwall

    dumb question

    Thanks for the linfo. I did have the options checked, but I have not done a boot defrag. What I have done is: defragged the fragmented files (5) and managed to defrag four of the five. The program aborts at the pagefile.sys file. I've added this to the exclude list, but it still aborts at this file. I have managed to get it to 8% fragmented so I'll either live with it or try something else.
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