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  1. CCleaner V2.01.507 My Recent Documents are not deleted after running CCleaner. I think it is because I use my D: drive to store all of my temp. files. With the use of TweakVI, my recent documents are now stored on drive D: Hope this will be fixed soon. Cheers, Henkos.
  2. Well... looking at the amount of free space on your harddisk, and, looking at the size of the files to be defragment, it seems it simple has not the space to create those unfragmented files. The 'gap' of free space between the other (already defragmented files) is just small to fit in a new file of the size of , for example, 394873KB. Not sure, but I think I am close to the truth
  3. First of all: great tool! All I am missing is the option to EXCLUDE a directory from defragging. For example, I am using Windows Vista and don't want to defrag the directory System Volume Information. I also don't want to defrag files in the Temporary Internet directory. So, would be appreciated when you guys add 'Settings' to the Action Menu, under which I can set the directories to Exclude. Other then that, absolutely a very effective tool! Love it!
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