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  1. All taken care of. It was after I found it on my system, repaired and removed it, that it started comming up as obsolete software with CC.
  2. You bet. NewDotNet can come bundeled with just about anything. The major pain is after you remove it manually, automatically, or even through the control panel like one should, it ruins network and internet connectivity. In every case you have to repair and rerun winsock.
  3. Keeps coming up each time browser is closed. A remnant of Netscape after it was removed. Resolved by manual removal but might want to check for new ver. release. Obsolete software...New.net HKCU\software\New.net
  4. Are you double clicking? The short cuts are on the right click menu.
  5. Before I posted this message I went through the registry like a mad man. After I posted the message ditto. Finally noticed that SysMech5 kept resetting to data (value not set)??? HKCU\Software\SysMech5...(Default)...REG_SZ...(value not set) I assigned it a value of one, then deleted the value. Problem solved, go figure?
  6. Finally found the problem, and thank you for the Gmail invite.
  7. I'm running the latest ver. of both CCleaner and System Mechanic 5. Both work very well but CC keeps listing it as obsolete. Any takers? Obsolete software...SysMech5...HKCU\Software\SysMech5
  8. Man was I glad I came across this post. I've had the same problem, and since there has'nt been a reply yet I'll give you the info. Using v1.19 The "13: Type mismatch" error occurs when scanning Registry Integrity when 'Installer' is checked. Problem goes away when unchecked but I like that little green mark and it's driving me batty.
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