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  1. Seems silly to have this be a paid features. Updates that fix issues to the application should be built in regardless if you have the free version or not.
  2. This is not in the browser, it is in the GoToAssist Expert app.
  3. Every time I run CCleaner I have to re-login to GoToAssist Expert. I don't see any options for clearing GoToAssist so I'm not sure why this is getting cleared. Can this be fixed?
  4. That works as well, however Negal, that site does not have version 5.44 which if someone is looking for that version they will have to go elsewhere.
  5. Found a great workaround to this issue that doesn't require modifying task scheduler or deleting any files. Install version 5.44.6575. That version works great. [Link removed by moderator old versions can be found at https://filehippo.com/download_ccleaner/history ]
  6. This is a bug report for version 5.45.6611. When you disable the monitoring it does not stay. When you restart the computer CCleaner starts up automatically and the monitoring is checked again. Please fix this bug that prevents you from disabling the monitoring, I don't want CCleaner running in the background or starting up automatically.
  7. This has particularly bugged me about CCleaner because it doesn't follow the windows programs and feature where you can double click entries to quickly uninstall them instead of pressing uninstall on every single one. I know it's just one button but when you're trying to wiz through a bunch of things just being able to double click on the entry makes a world of a difference. Either that or adding a batch uninstall feature where we could check multiple items would also solve this dilemma. But the click to uninstall would be easier to implement.
  8. I know this has been mentioned before but I just want to reiterate. I think CCleaner would be totally complete if the uninstaller had an advanced uninstall feature that would include batch uninstalling. I know that ccleaner just pulls them from the windows api yaddi yah so this would be something they would have to totally add like iobit uninstaller or revo. I have been using CCleaner for years but have always thought this feature should be included because I need to have iobit uninstaller installed along with this just for uninstalling stuff. Also it'd be nice if it could force uninstall items in which the uninstaller is broken or corrupt. Also double clicking an entry should uninstall it, not rename it in my opinion. That would follow the windows programs and features way and it's easier to quickly uninstall things.
  9. I second this feature request, I have long wished CCleaner would have a batch uninstaller, this would make it perfect.
  10. Yeah I would like to see this feature, I used to use iobit smart defrag, but then I started using auslogics disk defrag just because it was less buggier and more pristine.
  11. Hello I am suggesting that you guys add an auto defrag function, some of the other good defragmenters have an auto defrag function, such as SmartDefrag and Auslogics Disk Defrag (which I currently use). The auto defrag function works in the background when your computer is idle or not being used much, and you should be allowed to set either to auto defrag the system drive, or all of your hard drives. It should also say how many files were defragmented on that day, and possibly a log of previous days would be a extra feature. So if you guys want to stay in the defrag market and really be able to compete, add an auto defrag feature. Thanks.
  12. Thanks for all the replies. I have tried Eraser, the latest stable version, and it works good.
  13. Hello Piriform developers, I often thought about submitting this idea for you guys to create. I am thinking for a software idea, you guys should create of separate file shredder. A file shredder where you can shred free space on your computer, and shred files or folders with different levels of deletion like 1, 2, 3, 7, 35 passes etc. Also it would be nice if it had shell extensions so you could right click on a folder or file and say secure shred with the settings (shredding methods) you set. All the other file shredders out there are kind of crappy. I like FileShredder.org's shredder but it is very old. Just a suggestion.
  14. Hello Piriform team, I kind of get that the verify checks the hard drive for problems if I am right? Is that all it does? I was just curious. Defraggler is coming along! Nice job guys!
  15. Yes I see what you are saying. I guess it does save you time thanks for clearing that up for me.
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